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By: James30

Youíve always been a writer at heart. In fact, you knew you wanted to write long before the idea of pursuing a career even hit you. When you were growing up Ė and even until now Ė there were very few things that excited you more than putting your thoughts on paper. You loved making up stories about princes rescuing damsels in distress, about evil witches putting spells on entire kingdoms, about dragons being slain by dashing knights in armour.

You were so involved concocting stories from your imagination that it really didnít take a lot to make you genuinely smile when you were a little girl. A pencil, a few blank pieces of paper, and some quiet time alone in your room were more than enough to have the makings of a great day Ė at least in your definition. Your two older sisters certainly didnít think so. For them a great time was spent in the company of their friends, usually outdoors. They loved sports, and both of them were very social.

This translated to parties and a wide assortment of after school activities for them, which suited you just fine. Why wouldnít it? Having the house all to yourself meant you had much time to retreat in the magical worlds you created. Of course this doesnít mean you didnít like your sisters, because you did. You liked them a lot, actually. You did recognize early on, however, that you were simply polar opposites of them.

Fast forward to almost two decades. It certainly didnít surprise anyone you knew when you announced you were going to take up creative writing in college. For you the decision came easy enough: you really couldnít see yourself majoring in any other course. But just because you loved the course didnít mean it was a walk in the park. You had more than a fair share of papers to write and books to read. You slept usually no more than five hours at a stretch, and you were sometimes so exhausted you felt you were about to faint from fatigue.

But it was worth it, it was so worth it.

Especially because a few years after graduating from university, you quit your job in a mid-sized advertising company and ventured into launching your own start up writing firm. Youíve always envisioned yourself working with like minded people, and it was a dream come true to finally be able to make it happen. You started your operations in a miniscule office that had exactly three computers, three workstations, and an old couch. About four years down the road, you were finally earning enough to move to a decent office with proper equipment.

Now that you have more people on your team, you canít help but ask: what about tax and bookkeeping services in Calgary AB? Since you obviously donít know the first thing about reputable bookkeeping services in Calgary AB, bookkeeping and payroll services in Airdrie, and small business bookkeeping in Calgary, the best thing to do is utilize contractors who offer such services. This will help you concentrate on what you love best: writing.

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