Of WAC Lighting, light and architectural building lighting thematic series of salon

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Of WAC Lighting, light and architectural building lighting thematic series of salon

Organized by the famous American lighting manufacturer, of WAC Lighting, the theme of "light construction" building lighting special series, Salon was officially launched on October 10, 2011.

This series of salon into the design firm, approached the designer, a lively and interactive way for designers to understand the idea of ​​WAC Lighting, by adhering to the Responsible Lighting, WAC's brand value, service concept, product characteristics . Designers are concerned about the professional products used in architectural lighting, the lighting design features of the segments based on museums, hotels, commercial public oral sex, the explanation of the product application case. Through the series of activities, guests to further increase understanding and recognition of WAC Lighting, products and technologies, and have a more comprehensive understanding of the advantages of WAC Lighting, and overall strength.

It is reported that the salon has been in the Beijing pillars of the international lighting design, design company in Shanghai LEOX Design, BPI organized follow-up will also be approached from around the lighting design firm, light and architecture "as the theme with the majority of designers exchange of

Sharp Panasonic panel accelerate the outsourcing of Friends of Darch America kindly

Panel plant in the fourth quarter to expand production in October, large-size panel shipments a general decline, AUO revenue of 31.21 billion yuan in October, month by 5.2%, CPT, HannStar October revenues were 5.22 billion yuan, 35.82 billion. Strategic but the next day plant to reduce its own panel production capacity, including Sharp, Panasonic and Sony will expand outsourcing to increase Taiwan companies, AUO, Chi Mei is expected to benefit.

Global panel makers facing huge losses this year, while Taiwan and South Korea panel makers to reduce capital expenditures, the Japanese panel makers is to choose the large-size panel fade out money-losing business, turn to outsourcing. David Hsieh, DisplaySearch Greater China vice president, strategy Sharp transferred to the ends of the value chain, the transfer of 10 generation plants to produce 50-inch, 60-inch large-size panels, six generations, Gen 8 is locked mobile phones, flat panel, and other high-end panel The 30-inch, 40-inch class panels to the CMO procurement outsourcing proportion increased to 14%. Sony rumored intention to quit and Samsung joint venture S-LCD, the future will be decentralized procurement object addition to Samsung next year, but also with the LGD procurement 3D TV panel, the estimated the LGD supply the proportion of about 6%, CMO, AUO The Procurement proportion increased to 21%, 16%.

Greatest change was undoubtedly the Panasonic panel homemade ratio dropped to 28%, panel procurement is locked in the CMO, LGD and AUO, the procurement of the proportion was 28%, 28%, 15% Toshiba, will also be decentralized procurement a total of AUO, CMO will supply about 40 percent of the panel of the Toshiba required.

Japanese plant to expand the procurement panel with Taiwan, next year is expected to fermentation, but the operation of the fourth quarter panel factory is still at a low point. AUO October consolidated revenue of 31.21 billion yuan, a decrease of 5.2 percent in September, the annual reduction of 11.2%. Panel makers cut in order to maintain the panel prices, shipped in October to reduce the large-size panel shipments of more than 9.03 million, a decrease of 8.6 percent in September; small and medium-size panel shipments decreased by 11.9 percent compared to September, close to 16.49 million.

CPT October consolidated revenue of 5.22 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.6 percent in September, the annual reduction of 6.8%; TFT Division consolidated revenue of 5.198 billion yuan in October, month by 1.3%. CPT strategic reduce the large-size panel business, improve small and medium size spins, large-size panel shipments film number 803,000, a decrease of 30.3 percent compared with September, the small and medium size panel shipments 5,249.5 Million, compared to September 1.8%.

Caijing October consolidated revenue of 3.582 billion yuan, compared with September

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