Ocular Migraines

By: EileenDavies

One of the many types of migraines are ocular migraines. These migraine headaches will occur like a normal migraine, but they will present with many more ocular, or eye/vision, symptoms than the typical migraine. Normal activities that require you to be able to see properly, like working and driving, often have to be put on hold while you suffer through the migraines.

Not all ocular migraines will present with an actual headache. In fact, many have no pain at all. What you can expect, however, are symptoms that can include blind spots, seeing spots or squigglies floating across your vision path, light flashes, and possibly zigzag type things. You may also experience blurred vision or loss of vision completely.

Many migraines, ocular migraines included, have to particular explanation for why they happen. Most doctors and scientists can only speculate as to the possible triggers for migraines. Some people have sensitivities to certain foods, while others are sensitive to air pressure changes or weather changes. Caffeine can also be a big suspect in the occurrence of ocular migraines, although for most other migraines caffeine is a treatment.

The length of time between ocular migraines can be rather irregular. You could go for weeks without having one, and then you can have several in a row for a few days. Some people have even reported that there have been months or years between incidences. You should, however, seek immediate medical attention if your migraines seem irregular or if you notice that your condition has gotten worse.

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