October is Fair Trade Month

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October heralds the 9th Annual Fair Trade. Buyers and sellers spanning several continents will get together to celebrate this event and continue the trend of ethical trading that benefits all those involved. In addition to events for several products, there are several Fair Trade Tea Events that can bring cheer to your morning and evening cuppa in more ways than one.

One established ethical tea trading company in the USA that actively promotes Fair Trade Teas is Art of Tea. Their website www.artoftea.com offers a wide range of certified fair trade teas that will help energize your body and soul. You can also relax knowing that your tea has been sourced from a plantation that has received fair value for their products.

While you can certainly buy various teas offered at the Art of Tea website, you can also learn a lot about teas by actually participating in Fair Trade Tea Events. If you live in or around California then Art of Tea has organized a focused tea event on October 25, 2012. This tea event includes a tour of the Art of Tea facility located at Monterey Park, CA. This training event will teach you all about the art of blending various teas, food pairing, and much more.

Fair Trade teas not only make for delicious beverages that can be enjoyed in hot or cold form, but also make for great gifts. You will not only be helping genuine tea growers, processors, and sellers to earn their rightful profits, but will also receive teas with fantastic aroma, color, and flavor. You will be furthering the cause of Fair Trade teas by participating in Fair Trade Tea Events as well as gifting such teas to your loved ones.

Art of Tea also has a fabulous range of Fair Trade Teas at their website. You will have a lot of fun choosing from delicious teas such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Monks Blend, Moroccan Mint, and many more. You can also opt for Caffeine Free teas in the Fair Trade range such as Rooibos, Italian Blood Orange, Ethos, etc. If you are confused then you can opt for the Art of Tea Sampler Pack that contains 4 sample teas along with a complimentary bamboo strainer.

October is Fair Trade Month and you can celebrate as well as help the cause in your own way while sipping truly delicious teas. You should visit www.artoftea.com to browse through the wide range of delectable teas as well as learn all about upcoming Fair Trade Tea Events to turn October into an unforgettable month for your palate.

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If you are still wondering as to where can find fair trade teas then just visit www.artoftea.com where you will find fabulous range of Fair Trade Teas in pouches along with countless other teas to turn each tea break into an exciting one.

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