Obtaining Prescription Drugs From On-Line Canadian Pharmacies

By: Robert Link


I have a seizure disorder which came on about five years ago. I had a funny feeling one day at work. I was walking at the time, blacked out and, fell. I hit my face on the floor which caused some abrasions but no serious injury. I had a full work up and it was discovered I had a seizure disorder. I was prescribed Lamictal. Iívehad three other seizures since then but all were because I forgot to take my medication as prescribed.


Lamictal was effective in controlling my seizures but was criminally expensive. When I had health insurance, I didnít think much about it. However, I became unemployed and then had to pay for it myself. This was very painful for me economically. Furthermore, I am married with two little children.

The situation frustrated me so I went on a time consuming quest to find a better deal. After a great deal of searching, I discovered that Lamictal was dramatically cheaper in Canada. I found an impressive, on-line, Canadian pharmacy and started purchasing Lamictal from them. I had never ordered on-line before so was a bit apprehensive. To my delight, I had no problems; the customer service and quality was excellent. My medication came conveniently to me in the mail. The savings were dramatic!

From all countries available as an option, I chose to buy from Canada. Canada is a very good neighbor, is a nice, First World country and, the people are great. Their cities are just as nice as ours here in the USA. Here on the West Coast, Iíve been to bothVancouver B.C. (British Columbia) and Victoria B.C.; both places are fabulous. I have no doubt that medications directly from Canada are every bit as good as those here in the USA.


These same Canadian pharmacies can also facilitate your acquisition of prescription drugs from other countries. Sometimes you can get a prescription medication even cheaper from a third country. My advice and opinion however is to always make the transaction through the Canadian facility. You can then chose to have the medication come directly from Canada or can coordinate with the Canadian pharmacy to have your medicine shipped from the third country.

This may sound complicated but it is not. In fact, it is very easy. You just input what medication you want and options, for example, may come up for Canada, India and New Zealand. You then just choose what you want to do based on price, location, dosage, etc. My medication came from an Indian Pharmacy but the purchase was coordinated through a Canadian facility. The Canadian pharmacies do their utmost to make absolutely certain the overseas pharmacies they deal with are first rate.


The generic version of Lamictal has finally come out and is now much less expensive. So, I no longer have to buy it from Canada. Once a generic is released it does tend to become less expensive in the USA. Prior to a generic being released, the cost of many medications in America can be criminally high. Some medications are very expensive even when the generic does become available. At any rate, there are a number of scenarios where an on-line, Canadian pharmacy can save you thousands of dollars.


I hope the information in this article helps someone out there who perhaps is in the same situation that I was in. Thank you very much!


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