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Going by the recent changes in lifestyle of men and women with women becoming career conscious, Planned Parenthood has now become a favorable option among them. Nowadays the couples think a lot before having a child as it brings in number of added responsibilities which they must be ready to take on. Therefore Planned Parenthood is increasingly become a safer choice for both men and women as it allows them to be well prepared.

It may sound simple but Planned Parenthood requires considerable effort especially on part of women to select the right birth control method which ensures their well being without affecting them health in any adverse manner. Since it is woman who is at the receiving end of birth control measures, she must consult an Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic to get the much needed guidance regarding the decision.

The most common birth control method adopted by women is the use of Birth Control Pills. If taken in the correct manner, they help in preventing ovarian and endometrial cancer apart from checking pregnancy.

Another effective form of birth control is Mirena IUD. It is an intrauterine hormonal contraceptive device that is placed directly into the uterus by the medical practitioner to prevent contraception. It can prevent pregnancy for a much longer period, say 5 years and can treat heavy periods in women as well.

Implanon also offer high effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. In this form of birth control, the doctor places an Implanon rod into the upper arm of a woman which releases hormones to prevent pregnancy for 3 years.

Apart from the above methods, if a woman decides not to have further children, she can opt for Female Sterilization. It is a permanent method in which a simple surgery is performed to block the Fallopian tubes.

Though there are several methods of Birth control, but unwanted pregnancy is hard to prevent which may being in certain complications. So in order to get rid of them, women often choose Abortion as an alternative to terminate the pregnancy. A number of Abortion Clinics are present in Denver, Colorado to help women with their pregnancy related issues.

Also, there are several Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics in Englewood & Denver who provide complete health care services to women and helps them take the right decision pertaining to Planned Parenthood.

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