Nutmeg - Household High

By: Ben Pate

Throughout history teens have been known for their reckless behavior and thoughts of invincibility. They are impulsive and tend to only think in the 'here and now'. This is overall normal behavior for teens, however, there are extremes. Some teens take their reckless behavior above and beyond and dive into the world of drug and alcohol abuse. What's more, is some of them will even try outrageous attempts at getting high. A recent flux of reports has indicated that teens are attempting to get high off the common household spice nutmeg. Troubled teens that get high need to seek treatment at a residential rehabilitation center and get the drug counseling and rehabilitation they need to ensure a stable future for themselves.


Nutmeg is a common spice found in most households. It is normally added to foods like egg nog, to enhance flavor. However, nutmeg features the compound myristicin, which if ingested in large amounts may cause mild hallucinations and other 'high' like effects. This has lead to teens ingesting large doses of nutmeg above, above four teaspoons, to get high. Anyone who even considers this needs drug addiction counseling.

Psychoactive Components

Myristicin is an organic compound found in nutmeg. It contains psychoactive properties which can lead to hallucinations and other effects. It is a naturally occurring compound that can also be found in natural insecticides. It is known as a neurotoxin and has neurotoxic effects on humans, which means it affects the brain. The FDA only regulated nutmeg as a food, because that is its purpose. An overdose of nutmeg which is four or more teaspoons can create a flu-like high and has very hazardous side effects.


There are many side effects of a nutmeg induced high. These include; nausea and vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, states of paranoia, urinary problems, and a hangover from hell. Another reaction includes a warm sensation running through limbs. Some reports compare the nutmeg 'high' to a bout with the flu. Often those seeking a high do not realize that it can take up to six hours before any effects to be felt. This is very dangerous as it can lead to a nutmeg poisoning which requires medical attention.

Nutmeg Poisoning

Nutmeg poisoning is very dangerous and requires immediate medical attention. This is because although the effects vary from person to person, they are quite dangerous. High amounts of nutmeg can last up to several days. The effects of recreational nutmeg use include, vomiting, collapse, tachycardia, horrible headaches, hallucinations and erratic behavior. To determine whether or not a nutmeg poisoning has occurred the levels of myristicin must be measured in the blood.

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Parents today have to lock up alcohol, whip cream cans, and many other household substances that teens have found news ways to get high from. Now, the household spice nutmeg must be added to the list. Teens have this assumption that because it's not a drug it's not dangerous. That is far from true.

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