Nuance Decision between Barber Shopper Hair Salons

By: sachin K

I've often heard about men asking- where should I go to a barber shop or a salon? The answer would depend on a number of factors. Just like you wouldn't go to a cardiologist for a dental problem, likewise you won’t go to a salon for a flattop. Likewise, a barber is not likely to give you a long shaggy and stylist haircut. Deciding how to choose between a barber shop and hair salons for men is a little bit tricky.

We know that both the barber and hair salon stylist do hair cutting. But there is a thin line between the two. The main difference between the two types of hair cutters is that barber are typically trained to cut shorter and traditional haircut for men, while hair salon stylist are trained to cut longer, and gives a unique look and hair style for men.

You must have long subsided on cheap haircuts, and they must have served you well. However, they are quite simple and consistent- fairly shorts and styled up/back. That is what a barber shop offers. But if you want to go for a different hair cut, presumably letting the professionals do what he/she thinks is best and seeing how, it serves then hair salon for men is the answer for you.

Go to a >b>barber if,

• You are looking for a small and traditional hair cut, such as flattop, military style cut or just simple trimming.
• You’re on a budget. Barber shop usually charges less than hair salon, so you can save a bit of money by stepping into a good barber shop.
• You’re looking to keep it simple. Barbers were typically cut your hair in a style that will look good naturally, without using lots of styling products.
• You’re looking to escape from the girls. Barbershop is a great place of amity between guys. Typically no frill places, barbershop are a uniquely male gathering spot.
• You don’t like change. Barbers will ask you how do you want your hair cut and do what you ask, normally without any much feedback.

Go to a hair salon for men if,

• You're going for longer. Stylists generally have more experience cutting and styling long hair, because they receive more training in the art of styling hair for women.
• You're looking for a more fashion forward style and trendy haircuts. A stylist is normally more aware of current trends than a barber.
• You want to color your hair. The majority of barbers does not do a great deal of color services, so you'll probably find a better result from a stylist.
• You want a change. During the discussion, a stylist will often give suggestions for a style that will compliment your features better.
• You need a product. Hair salon for men often carries a great selection of hair styling products than the barbershops. Stylists are more likely to be well-trained on the nature and use of the goods as well.

It’s obvious that not every barber or hair stylists will fit into the set of the above guidelines and generalization.Many of today's barbers are expert in longer and fashionable styles while there are many stylists who are skilled in cutting traditional barber styles.If you live in a larger areas you may be able to find a modern barber shop or hair salon for men, which will merge traditional barbering with modern style.

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