Novice Investor: Stock Trading Basics

By: Jesse Profit

Stock trading can be a great way for you as an individual to make money, without question. Over the long term, stock trading has been shown to provide a great annual return for those looking to put money away for retirement, large purchases, saving for other goals, or for other purposes that one would want to grow their money. The return often is greater than leaving the money to grow in a savings account or certificate of deposit, but the volatility can be off putting for some people.

Thankfully, for the person or persons looking to make some headway into the stock market, there are some stock trading basics that you can follow to successfully start up an account to trade on the market, develop a good market trading strategy that goes along with your goals for the investment, and ultimately help you to make money on the market.

The most important step is the registration of an account with an online broker, There are brokers who are inexpensive and will help you set up an account immediately. An initial investment of five hundred dollars or more is often required upon registration of the account. In addition, the broker will charge a minimal commission fee to facilitate the transactions for you. Once the account is set up, trading can begin immediately.

If you're not technically savvy, or want a little more human interaction with your investment account, there are full service brokers that can set you up an account as well. A full service broker often will require a higher amount initially to set up an account and the commissions are higher in most cases, but this brokerage can offer you investment advice on your portfolio along with your account, which can help many people who want a professional opinion on their investment decisions.

Once you have registered a stock trading account, the most important basic step to undertake is extensive research on your investment. Since the stock market is often influenced by financial conditions surrounding business industries, it is important to be aware of the circumstances that can effect your investment decisions.

Real time information and news surrounding a company are sometimes available to the individual which allows the novice investor to acquire additional knowledge and the experienced investor an opportunity on the market. Major financial news service organizations or internet portal as well as the companyas own website offer news and related information the company.

A third of the important stock market basics is to understand the risk of the market and be prepared to deal with the realities of stock market trading. Many people fail to recognize that there is a real threat and possibility of losing money in the stock market and are surprised when it happens. Many investors are also unprepared to deal with other implications of stock trading, such as the tax impact of making or losing money in the markets. Knowing these minutiae can help you make better trading decisions and help you trade with confidence.

There are other stock trading basics that can be found on the internet, especially on brokerage websites, financial information websites, and new investor forums. The wealth of information available will allow you as an investor breaking into the market to trade with confidence, knowledge, and assurance that you're making a decision that will help you to grow your investments for the future, no matter what that may entail.

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