Nostradamus 2012 and the London Olympics

By: Robert Thomson

The prophecy of a terror attack on the London Olympics is undoubtedly the most curious and mystifying aspect of the alien’s written legacy. Fulfillment of the prophecy is apparently impossible. According to recent reports, the al-Qaeda terror organization has been decimated and nearly all its leadership terminated. Remaining remnants of the group are now believed to reside in the country of Yemen, frantically circling around that country on camel back in hopes of avoiding being spotted and blown up by predator drones. It is doubtful that these remnants of al-Qaeda can come up with enough money to ship a single stick of dynamite to London let alone a nuclear weapon.

Of course, you may assume that I am merely mistaken about what the prophecy has to say. That was usually the case in the past but not this time. The prophecy is too strong. Three separate and distinct mathematical calculations produce the year 2012. There are three allusions to nuclear weapons. Only the August 2 date has a singular argument but it is a strong one. Besides the terror attack, the II-51 and II-52 (the three “two” quatrain) pair allude to the timing of the Falkland Islands War (begin Apr 2), to the sinking of the General Belgrano (May 2) and to the Great Fire of London (begin Sep 2). Fill in the blank of the logical sequence: two months on, two month off, two months on: Aug 2. This is also the only "2" date that could link London (II-51) to ancient Greece (II-52), begin Olympics. Ingenious.

Next, you might assume that the ancient astronaut merely made a mistake. Unfortunately, this is not likely either. The preponderance of the evidence suggests that the prophecies are really not predictions at all, but rather history recorded in a time-reversed parallel universe. In other words, mistakes simply would not apply to a time traveler returning from the parallel universe nor can it be believed that the extremely advanced computers of this alien would inadvertently allow mistakes or confusion to enter into the redaction.

"Twenty three the (plural adjective) six, the old dame shall fall from her high place." Sixty (60) is a perfect multiple of six, confirmed by twenty times three. Gamboa links these lines (II-51) to I-49, the 1952 quatrain. 1952 plus 60 produces 2012. Also sixty as in Diamond Jubilee. Goodbye old queen. I-49 concerns North Korea and is linked to I-48 (atomic bomb). Looks like the London bomb comes from the Koreans but it may be unwise to assume they are the terrorists. Facing mass starvation, they may be willing to sell a bomb to anyone for food money but, as already implied, it seems al-Qaeda barely has enough money to feed itself let alone North Korea.

So, what’s up? Why did the alien and her quantum computers suddenly go berserk by giving us a prophecy that cannot be fulfilled? The alien had to have been aware of the powerful terror prediction even if that was not the prophetic attention. So there must have been some other motif, surely a spectacular one, behind all this. Alien contact? Maybe, and no doubt we will eventually learn what it was. The remainder of 2012 promises to be quite ntriguing.

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Morten St. George is author of the Nostradamus book Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics and the creator of a website on Ancient Astronaut Theory.

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