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There are some people who re so obsessed with their noses that they will do anything just to have them reconstructed. Although I am not one of them, I am so bothered of all the bumps and the humps that I have on mine. It prompted me to also consider some options, rhinoplasty among others. On second thought, since the procedure will cost me an arm and a leg, I searched the internet for alternatives, Sure enough; there are indeed products that can guarantee a nose that is free from bumps. Two of those I came across with are Nose Magic and Nose Right.
Made of plastic that got broken after using it for few days, Nose Magic is more of a horror than what it is actually named for. Just as instructed, I had it stuffed in my nose’s cartilage purportedly to even out the humps. However, after a few days of not showing any significant improvement, I had to give up on the product. I rang the seller and requested for a refund but no such policy is included in the purchase. Along with two other friends whom I knew, we were so disgusted at how we were fooled by this scam on Nose Magic. Well, it was never the end of the world for me because I had another option in Nose Right. Even if it appears to be the same as the previous brand, I had no qualms of using it because its material seemed to be of excellent quality. I got the results that I wanted too.
Using Nose Right is the next best thing to an expensive rhinoplasty. My nose is now more attractive minus 90% of the bumps it once had. It was a good thing that I tried looking for other alternatives. Otherwise, I would have spent thousands of dollars just to have a nose that is free from annoying humps. Meanwhile, Nose magic is nothing but a piece of crap. The product is still around and it is out to get innocent people with its very convincing marketing campaign that is all untrue

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