Nonhormonal Methods of Male Birth Control

By: Cindy Bootman

Nonhormonal Methods of Male Birth Control

Like female birth control, males also have birth control options. Their options also include non-hormonal methods which are also reversible.

The new non-profit organization, The Male Contraception Information Project is purely dedicated to provide general public awareness of non-hormonal male birth control options and serves as the single platform on all types of information related to male contraception methods. It also advocates increased government research.

What are non-hormonal male birth control methods available and are those reversible?

Well, letís discuss the following methods in derail.

1. RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance)

This is the reversible method of male contraception that is a non-hormonal and reversible birth control method that provides protection for more than 10 years and it requires only 10-15 minutes to implement. The process involves injection of the gel into the male body part known as vas deferens which is the tube sperm in the body and travels through before male ejaculates. The gelís properties disable maleís sperm to swim thus protecting from pregnancy. In order to return to fertility, another injection is used to dissolve the gel. However, concerns about safety and side effects of RISUG were raised that forced to halt further development in the year 2002. The research further began in India, in the year 2006

2. IVD (Intra Vas Device) birth control

IVD is a series of small plugs that block spermís movement as they travel through the vas deferens. Each side has two plugs. It is designed to block sperm to pass through from one plug to another. Initial research undertaken with human subjects revealed either complete sperm blockade and made it immotile or lowered the count of sperm so much to make it non-fertile. Researchers have raised concern about complete blockage of the sperm and emphasizes addressing this issue. Due to this, in 2006, the FDA allowed further trial of 18 months on 90 men.

3. Injectable plugs

Injectable plugs are polyurethane or silicone injections which are injected into the vas deferens that creates barrier for sperm to swim. Though this type of male birth control method showed encouraging results in Taiwan in the late 1980s, however, its effectiveness was very limited in China. In fact, many side effects were reported while taking this birth control method undergo. Its effectiveness was greatly depended upon the size of vas deferens. Due to this limitation, it seems to have remote chances of becoming commercially viable in the future.

4. IVD Revisited

As mentioned above, this is similar IVD (Intra Vas Device) mesh-like plug that allows some sperm count to pass through but its volume does not result in any contraception. This method was researched in China to address the issue of sperm build-up arises due to blockage.

5. Heat methods of contraception

These birth control methods have been in use since ancient times. The use of this method is not well understood. Here, the testes are made few degrees cooler than the normal body temperature for the required sperm production. Researchers have developed the heat methods that require heating up of testes to the some level of degree for specified time to produce infertility. It may involves soaking of testes in hot water or wearing underwear specially designed for this cause and also some technique for keeping the testes up and closer to body.

6. Ultrasound birth control

This is considered to be most simple and convenient form of male contraception method. It requires only ten minutes of ultrasound waves for upto six months birth control protection. This method does not require dedication like wet heat and artificial cryptorchidism. Here, the ultrasound waves which are inaudible and short waves are used to heat the testes. They are very similar in properties like those used by physical therapist for treatment of injuries.

Its process is very unique. A man sits in a specially designed chair with his scrotum in a cup of water. The cup is equipped with ultrasound element in the bottom which slowly heats up the water and increased the temperature as hot as normal hot shower or hot tub. By doing this, the ultrasound waves create an ion exchange and movement between fluid in the seminiferous tubules and the rete testis which creates unfavorable environment for sperm formation.

The method is painless and most of the cases, found to be pleasurable. The two ten minutes of ultrasound treatment in 48 hours apart can increase ten or months of infertility. Fertility will be reversed gradually once the infertility months are passed.

This article is created for general awareness on male birth control methods. Please visit at to find various birth control pills and other options available to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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