Nokia Lumia 820 Specifications and Buildin Items

By: Cathrine Mckay

The camera of 8 megapixel Lumia 820, as the screen is based on that of its Lumia 900 with f/2.2 Carl Zeiss optics. It was therefore no surprise the same weaknesses, namely granular details in low light. Speed shooting with the lens is good and fast dynamic mode is quite decent. The focus is reliable. It is activated using the camera button. We are not hardcore fans of this process. You will have also Cinema graph a gif creator of Panorama photos extra large and finally Smart Shoot for group photos. Full HD movies are recorded at 30fps and results are very similar to those stills ..

Movies look great on the 4.3 inch screen. AMOLED makes everything bright and moving images mask the low resolution. One area where Windows Phone 8 to rapid progress, it is the media management. To start, PlayStation Music is integrated with a free trial for one month. We're pretty sure you will be tempted. It seems smooth, with a great selection of music and integrates seamlessly with Windows 8. Nokia Music has also evolved. The fact that the device also acts as a mass storage device and can play video files MP3/DivX is a very good thing. One of the areas in which Windows Phone 8 is faulty or games. There are not many games or applications available and even the best of them are not able to compete with iOS or Android. What is great though is being able to try the games before you buy them, allowing you to test even the most expensive titles. The Lumia 820 is available in 8GB, but it has a microSD card slot to expand the memory up to 64 GB more.

The Lumia 820 also allows you to connect over 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth and NFC.There is also a GPS inside that makes it one of the most connectivity tools developed.

The default browser, Internet Explorer 10, is fast. The text could be larger, although whites are correct for AMOLED. The unit has a score of 913.1 ms SunSpider, which is better than the iPhone 5 (914.7ms) and the Galaxy S3 (1424.7ms).

The dual core processor 1.5GHz Snapdragon chipset is that we have met several times, but only twice so far on a Windows Phone. HTC 8X was the first and the second Lumia 920. Due to its low resolution screen, the bottom of game Lumia 820 surpasses these two flagship devices with a score of 241.71 on WPBench. The 1650 mAh battery should last a full day with moderate use. Unlike Android or iOS, Windows Phone 8 is not an operating system fascinating. You will not want to always use your Lumia 820.Il seemed more easy to moderate our consumption.

Overall, it is the performance and design of the Nokia Lumia 820 which put him above other phones in its price range. Simple, elegant and fast, Windows Phone 8 is not intended to "addicts" Smartphone, but it is perfect for those who want a Smartphone.

Nokia's attention to detail and suite of applications transforms an operating system developed under a proposal of great value. In addition, the removable back cover adds personality.

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