No Such Thing as a Perfect Bodybuilding Workout Plan

By: Sean Nalewanyj

I am definitely a perfectionist.

When I want something done, I want it done right.If something won't work, I get frustrated.

There is no perfect bodybuilding workout plan, and I should know that by now considering I've spent years of serious training in the gym; in fact, this sort of thinking can be a disaster for any natural bodybuilder.

If you're serious about achieving a strong, muscular physique, leave your perfectionist attitude at the door. Bodybuilding is something that continuous; it is a lifelong struggle filled with some major triumphs and serious setbacks.

You're never finished working. Point B does not exist. You need to have a hard, focused bodybuilding workout plan to create muscle, and to continue, you need a hard, focused bodybuilding workout plan to maintain that muscle.

In exchange for the dream body you want to build or maintain, you have to be willing to work hard in the gym and stick to your eating plan. No journey is perfect and you have to realize that. If you're expecting to eat and train consistently without any problems or setbacks, you're in for a huge disappointment.

You cannot find perfection within a bodybuilding workout plan, so don't expect it. There are wannabes and there are champions; the line that separates them is the one that distinguishes long-term success versus those who quit after some time. You must treat your setbacks as an inevitable part of the entire muscle-building process.

Often, your bodybuilding workout plan will be receding and moving backwards because of various factors, many of which will be beyond your control; but at other times, it will peak.

All kinds of bumps in the road will present themselves along the way…

You could catch a cold or the flu and lose 10 pounds. Maybe you will go on vacation and struggle through limited gym amenities or not find the proper bodybuilding foods. Sometimes, you may face injury and have to take time off from your bodybuilding workout plan.

Maybe you'll have to skip a meal or two. On occasion, you will probably skip workouts. There will be times when you give in to temptations that will harm your bodybuilding progress. There will be times when your motivation dips down, and you'll question your entire purpose and whether or not the whole bodybuilding thing is even worth it.

I've done this for years, and as a serious natural bodybuilder, I can easily admit that all of the above examples have come into my life on several different occasions. The difference between a successful bodybuilder and an unsuccessful one is in the way that they handle adversity.

Will you make a stand and accept these swings for what they are when your progress and motivation falters? Or will you whine and pout and toss in the towel when things don't go your way?

You have to accept that no journey is perfect. There will be blunders along the way because you're only human. Whether or not you choose to accept and implement this way of thinking will make the difference between long-term success and failure.

Successful lifters get tossed into holes, but know how to dig themselves out. Unsuccessful lifters are the ones who decide to remain buried just because they couldn't handle the discouragement.

After years and years of training, I've seen more people come and go in the gym than I could possibly begin to count.

But I've kept at it, and I'm still here.

Will you be?

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