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By: Laskey Razzano

Your teen children will be influenced by your parenting skills dependent on your spouse's and your personalities. Not everyone has what it takes to do what all of the worldly advice books tell them to do. The reason is often that it is not easy for you to do what the experts suggest. Disciplining your children might be something that is impossible for you. The way you were raised has a lot to do with who you are, along with your personality traits. Positive solutions must be worked on, and you will need to place your focus on these areas. The reason you want what is best for your children, along with doing what is right, is because of love.

Teenagers, in general, act like they are old enough to do things or are more knowledgeable than you. Since teens believe they're adults, they expect others, especially their parents, to treat them like one. As your child grows up, you'll need to loosen the reins a bit and be a little more trusting of them. This can pose all kinds of stress on you but is an important part of the equation. Your teenager isn't going to learn important life lessons if you keep them on a leash and don't give them freedom to make mistakes that they can learn from. While you'll still be there for your teenager, most of the time you'll find yourself having to be in the background watching and hoping for the best.

Your teen needs to be reminded once in a while that while they have certain leeway as to what they can do, you remain the boss in the house and when it comes to the crucial matters, you have the final say. This is a rite of passage for all teens including you and me in our early years, but this can be an issue for many parents and has to be viewed in proper perspective. If you truly need to impose some kind of discipline on your 17 or 18 year old son or daughter, then you must do what needs to be done. As long as your child is living under your roof, he or she needs to abide by your rules.

One of the hardest parts of parenting teenagers is letting the rope out or even occasionally cutting it lose. As your teens discover who they are and learn to be independent, it's inevitable that they'll make mistakes. You need to give your teens the opportunity to make important decisions on their own and learn from their mistakes. As a parent, your job is not to dictate what they should do, but to be there to guide them and offer support when they ask. As you know, there are few things more sobering than experiencing the consequences of our decisions.

Even if your child is a year or two from entering adolescence, these tips on parenting teens are going to be of great help to you soon. The more you learn about how to successfully raise your teen children, you will be able to draw on this knowledge base.

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