Nigeria: Where Basic Necessities Are Seeing As Luxuries

By: Bryand Caldera

The source of our live-- water-- is not gushing from our taps. Every house provides its water, power and security making each house to be like a local government of its own. The ruling class in Nigeria will build over head tanks to shower their houses while the Nigerian followers will keep on buying water adding more burden on their paychecks.

The cancer of corruption has eaten deep into the country and has almost become a legalized culture. The authorities in Nigeria are, and remain careless to providing good infrastructural services to the Nigerian people, because they and their families have already stolen their ways out enjoying their paradise on earth mansions. The Nigerian leaders are heartless, cruel and brutal and have eating this nation into a "monolithic tyranny" diminishing the thinking of a common Nigerian into a minus state of mind where because of the starvation he have for these peanut services that they toss at him-- the five hours of broken electricity, the dirty water they splash on special occasions, the dying healthcare system, and the broken communication system-- while seeing these amenities at full services in Abuja, government houses, Emir's palaces, and private mansions of the riches; began to see them as luxuries only meant for the "chosen people".

The common Nigerian will have to see things this way. You cannot change the mind of a young child who was born in the 90's witnessing series of black out for decades to think that electricity is his basic necessity. He will continue to think that there is some 'specialty complex' attached to it of who should use it the most, and who should use it the least.

Nigerian leaders will hardly fix these broken services because they are unwilling, and because they are faithless, and treacherous, and their psychology is mean, and selfish only to building themselves and their family at the detriment of the common masses. Basic necessities will therefore linger in wreck, hitting hard on the Nigerian poor. The only way out of this ill-thinking in the mind of Nigerians is for the educated ones to enlighten the illiterate on the urgent need attached to the basic necessities being it as their right and not their privilege, and to continue asking the authorities to give them their must needs otherwise some Nigerians will start seeing life as luxury only enjoyed by the "cabals" and not a necessity enjoyed by all God's children.

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