New and Old TV Shows Headed For DVD And Download

By: Jack Dees

The popularity of DVD releases based on Television Show properties is one of the great success stories of the times. Shows from early television to the present day are seeing new life as DVD collections. While it certainly seems a strong possibility that TV shows may soon be produced for DVD release and online download since there are already movies being produced strictly for DVD release. However, with the increase in popularity of TV downloads especially of many new shows like Dexter, The Tutors, and Heroes which have strong appeal to television and DVD watchers, executives are sitting up and paying close attention. Fox is already formulating a plan for DVD only show, as a spin-off of sorts from 24 as well as the revival of shows like Babylon 5, Dead Like Me, and The West Wing. Making those shows available for download would mean more bang for the buck and executives have already noticed that some of the most popular TV downloads are water-cooler shows like Lost, Heroes and Desperate Housewives. Furthermore, Hollywood studios are saying that video and TV downloads are doing as well or better on Xbox 360 consoles than similar services like CinemaNow, Movielink and Amazon's Unbox service, which are available on more widely available PC platforms.

TV downloads are becoming more popular than ever—many of them are even free, although commercial TV downloads are somewhat more attractive, since the shows are uninterrupted and the pricing is reasonable. Whereas, the free download services are usually supported by advertising within the TV download. Movie and TV downloads are becoming a feature of more living rooms, a welcome development for the firms that make the chips that power set-top boxes. Furthermore, cable companies are not complaining since their customers will still have to pay the Cable Company for service to receive current or breaking network news/CNN coverage.

Many download sites offer unlimited access to all full length TV shows whether it is Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Rescue Me, House, Friends, Burn Notice, LOST, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, The Simpsons, Prison Break, and any other popular show. However, like any other industry there are numerous differences between the good and the bad services. Some are free but only deliver partial programs while others use tons of advertising within the download. Many services are unreliable and downloads have to be tried several times before successful completion.

Currently, Fast TV Downloads is the number one choice for TV show downloads. One member of Fast TV Downloads, Kevin Thompson, explained that since Fast TV Downloads has a wider range of downloads than most other services and the download speed is much faster than any other website it is already the more attractive choice. However, Fast TV Downloads extras, like free additional software packages such as TV-Show file converters, DVD transfer software, anti-virus software, and adware removal software are usually the clincher. Not to ignore their prompt customer service that is very experienced in TV-Show downloads and their video tutorials.

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