New OS X Yosemite is Coming with Clarity, but Also Utility

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Apple just completed their 2014 keynote address at WWDC which was hold during June 2-6, 2014, San Francisco and introduced a number of new features in both OS X and iOS. Considering the amazing iOS 7 released last year which has already become the most welcomed Apple mobile operating system, there is no doubt that Apple introduced flat design into Mac OS X, though the current version is still in use of the classic Quasiphysical style interface.

Although OS X 10.9 has just received an updated not long ago, the new released OS X 10.10 Yosemite has acquired a redesign from the underlying code to user interface. We can see clearly that in OS X 10.10 the window has sharp edges, the system icons are more cleaner and concise, plusing the transparent gradient effect as well as the more white space than current version, all of these make it more "flat", but never short of strong practicality.

Besides, the flat design, translucent panels, and lack of gradients and textures of iOS 7 can be found throughout OS X 10.10, lending a much more modern look to the desktop operating system. App icons feature flatter designs, the dock and windows of apps have sharper corners, and a new system font is meant to improve overall readability.

Another big improvement is the search tool - Spotlight, which directly displayed in the middle of the screen at Yosemite system. You can search anything you want like contacts, applications, map, or even movie and something want to eat with the improved Spotlight, then many search results can be directly opened or help transforming results, such as miles search will automatically be converted to km.

In Yosemite system, iCloud Drive was also added which is Apple's own cloud storage service and supports cross-platform store. Apple says that all iCloud Drive files will sync across Mac computers and even Windows PCs right now. In addition to new design, the built-in Mail Mail has also gained the ability to edit attached images with simple text and arrow overlays. Another new feature is MailDrop. It let users attach large files to emails with their iCloud accounts, bypassing the attachment size restrictions many email services have.

Apple's Safari browser has undegone a significant revamp, with a cleaner design. There is a new tab view that shows thumbnails of all open tabs. The search bar of new Safari is similar to the Google browser which can directly display the search results, including the collection of web sites. After strengthened WebGL CSS and HTML 5, the performance is more powerful than Firefox and Chrome. Apple says that Safari now runs JavaScript code faster than any other browser on the market. Besides, you may watch 1080P videos with extended 2 hours after upgrade. Almost forget to mention, Safari also supports MarkUp feature meanwhile, through which you can edit and share the pictures you saw directly.

The theme of Continuity in OS X is greatest displayed in its new abilities to interact with iOS devices. AirDrop between OS X and iOS is finally supported. It works like this: when Mac and iOS devices are in all similar scope, there will appear an icon to click and view the Mac file on the lower left corner of iOS devices. You can also transfer images and other data between mobile devices and their desktop without using a cable.

The new Yosemite system was added Instant Hotspot feature for hot spot share. Now your iPhone can automatically becomes the hotspot for Mac computers to connect without any operation on iPhone. Speak of the interconnection with iOS, you could view the Text Messages on the new Yosemite, as well as check the iMessage, phone records, emails, even the phone call function be moved to Mac, taking advantage of synchronization, direct dialing or answering the telephone whether iPhone is by your side.

Along with new graphics schemes, new type treatments, new icons, and new effects, OS X 10.10 Yosemite is more of a visual refresh than a complete overhaul of the operating system. Yosemite also has several features that substantially improve the way the operating system works. We can say that the biggest improvement for OS X is the better integration and interaction with Apple's mobile devices, which reminds me another great program Ė Macgo Mac OS X Blu-ray Player. It not only makes up the defect that all Macs donít ship with the capability to play Blu-ray, but also support the Blu-ray movie playback on Apple iOS devices through AirX feature. It is the trend, so is the usage of this amazing Yosemite Blu-ray player software.

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