New Movie Gives Away Entire Soundtrack for Free

By: Brian O’Conor

New York, NY: The Graduates is the first film in history to give away 1 million (1,000,000) soundtracks for FREE.

Money is tight. Consumers are spending less. Businesses are pinching pennies. So why is a feature film, hitting theaters on May 8th giving away its entire soundtrack for FREE?

Ryan Gielen, director and producer of The Graduates, believes the best way to generate a loyal fan base right now is to show them you have a quality product, before you ask them for a dime.

“Money is tight,” says Gielen. “We want people to know and love the film before we ask them to come to the theater or buy the DVD, and the free soundtrack is the perfect way to do it.”

But The Graduates has no star power behind it, and the entire film was made for only $95,000, so why are people responding to it?

“Young people love the humor, and middle-aged people love the nostalgia,” says Gielen. “It’s a trip down memory lane, and people absolutely love it. Including the soundtrack.”

The Graduates is definitely The Little Movie That Could. Made for a paltry $95,000, the film has sold out ten sneak previews in six different cities, through word of mouth.

“In this new digital age, people have so many choices, you need something to set you apart,” said executive producer and director Ryan Gielen. “By showing off the goods, by getting the soundtrack into people's hands, we'll be able to get them excited about our hysterical new movie."

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Visitors to can use the code GOGRADS to get the $17.99 soundtrack to download for free, directly to their desktop.

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