New Moms

By: Sarah Carlye

The first few weeks as a new mom are spent adjusting to a sweet new member of the family. Even if it isn’t the mom’s first baby, there are still adjustments to be made.

A new baby changes the time available. There is of course the things that NEEDS to be done like the following:

• Feeding
• Diaper changing
• Laundry
• Bathing
• Well baby checks

Then there is the list of things that a new mom WANTS to do like the things on this list:

• Watch the baby sleep
• Hold and cuddle the baby
• Visit family
• Visit friends
• Take the baby for walks
• Look into the baby’s eyes

A new mom’s life changes and it can be hard to deal with the changes in her body after giving birth. With a new baby, expenses increase and free time decreases. Many moms aren’t able to get to the gym to work out. With Stepgym shoes, she can get in shape just doing what she does everyday…walking.

Walking alone is an easy way to loose pounds, increase fitness, and tone up muscles. Walking doesn’t cause stress on the body like running and other exercises do. It is fairly easy on the joints. This is important for new moms whose bodies are recuperating from carrying extra weight during the pregnancy and fitness levels dropping due to the restrictions on some activities a pregnant mom was not able to participate in like before she became pregnant.

With Stepgym shoes, each step tones and exercises the body. It maximizes the positive affects of walking. The special sole makes the entire body work harder that walking in traditional shoes. Results from walking will be noticeable sooner with the Stepgym shoe because walking will work out all the same muscles that are worked out when walking with traditional shoes, but they have to work harder. Busy moms have to be efficient with their time. This shoe lets new moms work out while walking around doing every day tasks.

Time, finances, and childcare may be factors that keep a new mom from getting in shape quickly after she gives birth. There is the one time cost to purchase Stepgym shoes. It will quickly pay for itself with what it saves in childcare, fitness club memberships, trainer costs, etc.

Purchase Stepgym shoes today for yourself or a new mom that you know.

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