New Commemorative First Spouse Gold Coins

By: Geoffrey Goodwin

Coin collectors are excited today due to the release of the first spouse gold coins. These coins are special due to their subject and the way they are being printed. The first lady coins are being printed in 24 karat gold. Each one has a total of a half ounce of some of the purest gold possible. The program is scheduled to release all of spouse coins by the year 2016.
This can be a reasonable method for investing into gold values today. The prices of these coins directly correlate with the price of gold. The price of gold has been rising steadily recently too. The number of these coins purchased has also gone down due to the price of gold being so high. This can give collectors an advantage in the future when the world discovers there is a very small supply of these specially released coins. It is even possible to profit from the unpopular coins, because they too are increasing in value.
These coins can also be collected by people who find the historical significance of the printing interesting. Many of the first spouses had integral parts in running the White House when they lived there. The coins depict this involvement that they had. One presidential spouse was her husband's private secretary during her stay in the White House. She was very involved in the affairs of her husband. This led to her importance becoming almost as great as his presidency. For this reason, a picture of her assisting her husband with clerical operations is presented on the backside of the coin. On the front is an elegant rendition of what she looked like in her time.
If you are a collector, or are just drawn to things of rarity, you may be interested in these coins, because they have a limited printing of 40, 000 coins. This can be great for collectors because this can lead to sell outs quickly. The rarity of these coins in the future will likely be even more important than the limitation on their production now. This is due to the high gold prices today.
They are made to the highest quality of gold possible too. This makes them a highly sought after piece, but worth a lot of money. This price factor is helping boost the value of these coins. Not very many people can afford their price tag, so there is a very limited distribution of these coins occurring.
The first spouse gold coins have only been printed with nine different people on them so far. Those who have already been honored with this printing include Thomas Jefferson, Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Martin Van Buren, Andrew Jackson, Louisa Adams, Elizabeth Monroe, Dolley Madison, and Anna Harrison. These coin designs are also being used on national bronze medals that are authorized only by Congress. They are given to people and places that have had very large roles in shaping our system of government.
Each one has all the information that describes the nature of the coin's printing on them. You can find the type of gold that is used, the face value of the coin itself, the amount of gold used along with common inscriptions such as "United States of America" and "In God We Trust." The coins also have inscriptions of "Liberty" and "E Pluribus Unum." These additions are focused exclusively on the first spouses. The first spouses are portrayed in a light that shows how important their roles were in forming their husband's presidency.
Each person who is portrayed on these coins had a role in molding and shaping the presidency into what it is today. Some first ladies played roles that could be just as important as the roles their counterparts played in the development of the White House.

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