Never wanted to be Entrepreneurial Godfather

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Phoenix Technology News has called "believes and supports 80,90 after" Ma December 6 into the Foreign Economic and Trade University and 80 face to face, Phoenix science and technology throughout the event live. Entrepreneurship in the field known as the godfather of the Ma told us that he never thought to be a business fathers, even the Godfather of what entrepreneurship do not know.

"I think we see is what I am today, I hope we see a decade ago of me." Ma told the on-site 80, ten years ago and lives their own no difference between us, or worse.

Ma has repeatedly stressed that he met a good team and the times and not just how capable. If you back a decade ago, Ma said he will still go this route, but specific to this business Alipay, Ma admitted that if the start there is so complicated, estimates he did not dare to do it, but now do so much, Ma this summed up as "brave less."

Question: Hi Ma, I have two questions to ask you, one is a matter of fact, the society is making a change, it is time you were a business case, it is another situation, if your current situation But nothing, and you have to do the pronouncements of a business they have to say godfather it? This is the first question.

First I do not know what business is the godfather? I have never done business like The Godfather. The second will tell you that every generation, our generation is much more difficult than you, and every generation will say this, but more than a generation. One thing is for sure that my ability in all aspects than a decade ago more than capable, I want to, but if I went back a decade ago, according to today's ability to re-take over a decade ago, but I have to go to. Many opportune thing passed, and I think we saw today is what I am today; I hope we see a decade ago for me. Ten years ago, I told the person no different here, a lot of worse than you. Several times I have wanted to test when the university entrance exam, but pass the test of Foreign Economic and Trade University, this is my ideal of the university one of the ten, but I did not plan too. Admitted to many people than I can do, but years go down, a lot of mistakes made, I believe I made a lot of mistakes most people are committed, most of the prisoners I have committed errors , but I do not mistake my Amoy out of something, I could not say why scouring out, it is telling the truth. I do not want to say just how capable, not my team do not have the time, no Internet, no there is no Deng Xiaoping, China's reform and opening up nothing.

My father told me you had to catch students goes in 20 years. Younger 20 years that I will sit with Ma dialogue. But this is today's era of opportunity, everyone has their own opportunities. Do not tell me that today is harder than you more than a decade ago, more easily. If you always look for opportunities to be an opportunity, you have to complain about in this world is full of these things. So I think if back ten years ago, I would take this path. But will this go? I say this for two days, I saw Alipay six years ago, and I decided to do Alipay. Two days ago I heard Alipay meetings, I listen to scared I do not understand, I do not understand them two days to discuss the issue, whether it is technical, security, facilities, partners, and especially the technical aspects of security system, I heard the more panic, I asked myself this question, six years ago I also know why so complicated? I guess I can not do, that time is brave less I was dry, dry out so big now, can not only engage in longer.

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