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There are many easy aspects to marketing, whether you are looking for online or offline, and network marketing is one of them. Do not get confused if you here the term multi level marketing, because network marketing and multi level marketing are one and the same. Also, if you here the term affiliate marketing, please remember that this too, is the same – not totally, but similar.

When you start a business we all know how important it is to get that business marketed, because we all know just how important marketing and getting you business name out to the public is. When you look at it directly, you will see that there are many sides to marketing. Firstly, these days, you will instantly see that there is online marketing and offline marketing. Then when you look at each one separately you will see that there are many aspects to each of these. In fact, marketing get so complicated that there are marketing professional out there that wrote entire books on the matter. It is complicated, and this is why there are now college course offered for marketing. The truth is that you have to know what you are doing; however, this does not mean that you cannot try and market your company yourself.

There are many ways to explain network marketing, there are many way to explain marketing in general, but when it comes down to it you will find that marketing is a complex being, and that understanding only one aspect of it will only help you that much. To remember what network marketing is, you will have to think of the old and very well known, word of mouth marketing where a company will sort of start a rumor about one of the products they are selling, and start telling people about it. This type of marketing is very cheap, because if they word your are spreading is something worth talking about, everyone will know about it by the end of the week and your sales for that product will be through the roof.

Network marketing works a bit like word of mouth marketing, in the way that you get other people to do the work for you, and it is not confined to a small office in your building, and only two or three people making up a few advert designs. So what you will do is get a few people and tell them to sell you product for you, in the same way word of mouth will work. They will go out and you will not pay them for their service until they sell a product, this is also called affiliate marketing. This type of marketing can be done online and offline, because the associate, or affiliate will basically set up his or her own company under your umbrella to sell your products. This kind of reminds me of those product parties my mom used to have when I was little, where she invited a handful of other females for a “party”.

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