Network Marketing Instruction - Can You Deliver?

By: James Hicks

It's clear to see that a Network Marketing system has the potential to rake in a fair amount of cash and it shouldn't be that difficult to do. Sure dedication and persistence is required as is with most things in life. Many Networking companies have some great products and a great pay plan that offer some genuine leverage. Why is it that so many people don't make a dime and we see silly statistics like many dropping out after 12 weeks?

I have spoken to many people involved in this industry over the last few months and people who have not made a success of it have all said it's because of a lack of training and support that they have failed. Most say that they simply didn't get any important training other than 'go and talk to your friends and family' or 'just talk to as many people as you can about the business'

We know that these strategies are not really as effective as they used to be, we are well aware these days business opportunities are 10 to a penny and there is always somebody who wants us to sign up to something, so as a society we have built up a resistance to the common sales pitch. As we all know the traditional prospecting ploys don't deliver in developing a massive team of folks in our business. I learned this truth in my early MLM days.

I noticed my business really starting to explode when I started marketing online and combined it with my offline efforts, I discovered that they really did work well together. Learning the principles of attraction marketing as taught by the great legend Mike Dillard in my opinion is mandatory!. Since taking on this mindset and implementing his teachings I am totally geared for success, Do yourself a massive favour and get Mike Dillards 'Magenetic Sponsoring'

To maximise your profits in your business you must be making full use of the power of the internet, it's really not that difficult when you get the hang of it. It's important that you brand and market yourself and what you can offer your prospects. Provide some good value to all your potential business partners in the form of information and instruction, connect with people using the social networking sites, write some articles and get involved with video marketing. Methods like these are very effective in branding yourself.

When you offer some real value to people it's a certainty that you will be more victorious in your business than if you just are pushing a company website. A lot of people have their guards raised about such websites, lots and lots of people are already blasting the net with these sort of websites advertising links to a company website that claims to be the best marketing system around

Providing more value is a number one way to get more prospects, people will be drawn to you and your knowledge and will be more likely to go in with your organisation. It's always the case that most people will only buy from those they like and who they regard as an expert in their industry. Your prospects need a leader to follow and to instruct them, you can become that leader if you will allow it to happen and are prepared to educate yourself. It's only the leaders that will be the top earners in this industry, make certain you are one of them and make sure that you are using a network marketing system that will recruit and train your prospects in the most effective way possible!

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