Network Marketing Home Business - One Powerful Difference In Online Marketing!

By: Sue Collier

There is one powerful difference you need to get your head around if you have come online to try and get some results in your MLM Home Business. Of course, there are loads of differences between how you run an online or an offline Network Marketing Home Business. But the major difference is that we do not promote or advertise our Network Marketing company on the internet!

Actually, what I mean is that everyone who knows how to market online does not advertise their company online! If you see someone on the social media sites blatently advertising their business, that is just because they do not know how to market online. They are unlikely to get very far, because people quickly tire of their tirades. If you want to build a top team online, you need to understand this, and avoid making the same mistakes.

I am sure you are thinking 'well what on earth do we do??' We advertise something completely different online! YOU! That probably sounds a little scary, but don't worry! It is not as difficult as you might think. We use Attraction Marketing to make leads come to us on the internet, not the other way around as it is offline. We never chase prospects, or have to try to convince them about the business.

And the wonderful thing that Attraction Marketing does is it lets people get to know us before they meet or talk to us, because they see our name and photo, or video over and over again. Incredible! So the majority of times when I speak to someone on the telephone, they recognise my voice, so they are happy to talk to me!

How much easier would your phone calls be if everyone you spoke to felt like they already knew you?? So much more comfortable on both sides! Typically, most people we talk to are all ready to work with us, because they feel they know us!

We also only talk to two kinds of people. Network Marketers, and people who want information on Network Marketing! Laser targetted prospects! So again - when you talk on the phone to these prospects online, you are talking to QUALIFIED leads, who already know, like and trust you! It could not get much better than that!!

I spent several years cold calling totally unqualified prospects, and this is absolutely 100% better!!

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So that is the one powerful difference in online marketing! Are you ready to bring your business online?? If so, you can reduce your learning curve dramatically by using the #1Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation Sytem that Sue uses to build her business!

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