Network Bandwidth Monitoring Software for Evaluating Employees Effectiveness

By: Dmitriy Y. Stepanov

Any modern company needs systematization, detailed analysis, and control of the network traffic that is transmitted through the company’s computers, servers, and other devices. This process is called the traffic and bandwidth monitoring. The importance of the constant traffic monitoring is determined by a lot of reasons.

First of all, it is essential for companies which have to limit the traffic volume utilized by users per day, week, month if, for instance, the connection to the Internet is limited. A bandwidth monitoring program allows the system administrator not only to control the volume of inbound and outbound traffic that is utilized on the network and generate daily reports for manager, but to configure the limits for employees to avoid the overcharge. Generally, these kinds of programs visualize the bandwidth consumption dynamically in the real time.

Secondly, the bandwidth monitoring program is used to control the employees and to create the list of the most visited websites and the most used network services. This measure is necessary, because sometimes the Internet is used by employees for personal affairs, but not for working out the company’s issues. Hanging over the Internet can prevent the employees from performing their duties at work. Of course, this situation has to be improved. Thanks to the bandwidth monitoring program, the system administrator can easily detect web resources which should be prohibited. These measures allow improving the employees’ work, which definitely increases the effectiveness of all the company’s operation.

Moreover, the bandwidth monitoring software allows optimizing the company’s expenses on the Internet by detecting and analyzing the network failures and network problems. Problems on the network can lead to the bandwidth and connection quality degradation. After analyzing all the problems and the points when the bandwidth load is the highest and the lowest, you can rationalize the departments’ operation, and provide your customers with a stable high-quality service. Also, some bandwidth monitoring programs give users an opportunity of additional caching of websites. This allows speeding up the downloading of web pages, reducing the connection load, and decreasing the amount of downloaded data.

Bandwidth monitoring programs can be installed on a server to analyze all packets that go through it, or it can be installed on the system administrator’s computer. In the last case, the data will be collected on the server and will be based on clients’ programs operation results. If the computer is used by a few people, the traffic monitoring program should allow system administrator to create accounts for each of them. This enables the opportunity to control employees more effective.

On the whole, the traffic monitoring process in the organization is to provide the head manager with the comprehensive data not only on the Internet expenses, but on employees’ productivity. This turns the network monitoring software into the multifunctional instrument of control of a few company’s operation aspects at once. Thus, using the bandwidth monitoring mechanism in complex with other control methods is essential for companies of any size.

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