Netflix or blockbuster review

By: Clint Jhonson

There are many forms of entertainment out there and one of the most popular ones is watching films. Most people spend their spare time by hanging out with their friends and family and by watching rental movies. These people resort to netflix or blockbuster to rent their movies and the most frequent question nowadays seems to be which one of them is better.

Huge fans of rented films must definitely have noticed when netflix entered the online rental service. Netflix made renting films possible without having to go to a video store in order to rent a film, without having to wait in the weekend lines and getting the dvd you wanted a lot faster. If we are talking about netflix vs. blockbuster, we must begin by stating that there are many similarities between these two services and choosing between netflix or blockbuster will boil down to your preferences.

Online netflix or blockbuster work as it follows: customers must pay a monthly fee so that they can rent the movies they like, but they are allowed to take only a limited number of films at a time. The number of movies you can take home varies according to the movie plan you have selected and, of course, the more movies you have, the higher is the subscription cost. Whether you have resorted to netflix or blockbuster you can keep the movies as long as you like and when you want to return it all you have to do is drop it into your mailbox.

You can select the films you wish to watch by building a queue and adding the movies you liked in the order you’d want to watch them. Afterwards, the provider will take the movie you have selected and send it to you. When it comes to netflix vs. blockbuster, the last one is a little more difficult because it has only the mail option and total access, which enables you to exchange a certain number of mailed DVD’s at a local blockbuster store, not allowing you to return them via mail. This is the main drawback of blockbuster when compared to netflix.

If you are choosing between netflix or blockbuster, you should know that the last one has a selection of 78,000 movies while netflix has 100,000. The depth of selection varies a lot and if we are talking about netflix vs. blockbuster we must mention that netflix works much faster, listing the movies you are interested in faster and sending them as soon as possible, while blockbuster the releases are available only after s short or long wait. Those of you who are looking for a rapid online service should probably choose netflix.

The turnaround time for both services is good but here blockbuster wins, since it turns movies around every two-three days while netflix always requires 3 days. As far as netflix vs. blockbuster we shouldn’t forget to say that netflix puts at our disposal both user and critic reviews while blockbuster has only user reviews. Not to forget the software programs, I guess we all agree that the services are pretty much the same. However, netflix seems to have a better learning recommendation engine which predicts the movies you might be interested in., while blockbuster has a more organized interface, allowing you to find movies faster.

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When it comes to choose between netflix or blockbuster you must take into consideration that netflix makes it easier for you to watch movies on demand while blockbuster puts at your disposal online service and local video stores. Nonetheless, netflix vs. blockbuster brief review was meant to give you an idea about these two services.

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