Neonatal Baby Clothes: Why Your Preemie Needs Them

By: DanPartridge

Premature infants do not just use any baby clothes. Neonatal baby clothes are better for preemies than any other baby clothes.

Premature infants need tubes and monitors to survive. They spend the first few weeks of their lives inside a small incubator. Though they do not look comfortable with tube and drips sticking out of their baggy baby clothes, there’s nothing much parents can do. Imagine the emotional turmoil of mothers of preemies who do not get to hold and comfort their babies. They feel helpless and defeated. But now they can do something to make their babies feel much more comfortable. This can be done with neonatal baby clothes. Without neonatal baby clothes, premature infants have to wear newborn baby clothes, which are often too large for them. The design of baby clothes also made it difficult for the nurse to change the babies’ clothes, what with all the tubes and monitors attached to the babies.

Neonatal Clothes vs. Baby Clothes

Neonatal baby clothes are not just “smaller” baby clothes. Manufacturers did not just scale down the sizes of standard baby clothes. They all had to do extensive research and numerous trials, with the help of neonatal specialist, before they could come up with a product that would have the approval of paediatricians and parents.

What Makes Neonatal Clothes Special?

Your special bundle of joy has special needs such as special cloth. Neonatal baby clothes are just that because they provide the following:

1. Maximum Comfort. All newborn infants need to feel warm and comfortable with what they wear. Since preemies are a lot smaller, they need clothes that are just the perfect fit. When you buy them regular baby clothes, they end up looking like they are wearing pillowcases. Neonatal baby clothes are based on actual body measurements of preemies, given by neonatal specialist. So you can be sure that your tiny infant is all snuggled up and warm in his clothes. Neonatal baby clothes are also made using the finest fabrics so you do not have to worry about rashes or itching.

2. Ease of Dressing. Soft Velcro fasteners, nickel-free fasteners, and ribbons can be found at the shoulders, body, and legs, which allow for easy dressing and attachment of drips and monitors. With regular baby clothes, you will not find as much fasteners so dressing becomes a hassle.

3. Variety of Choices. This probably is a requirement from moms than it is from paediatricians. But just because your baby is in an incubator does not mean he can’t look cute! Neonatal baby clothes come in a wide variety of designs and colors so moms can dress their babies well. Apart from the usual babygro, there are neonatal dresses, rompers, t-shirts, vests, caps, and socks.

Special Clothes Need Special Care

Moms need to be extra careful with the care of neonatal baby clothes. First, you need to wash them before you hand it to the neonatal unit attendants, or it might cause allergies. Use mild soap or detergents when washing the neonatal baby clothes, as regular and/or special detergents might cause allergies. Your baby’s skin is super sensitive so it is so much better to take precautions.

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