Negative Ions Positive Effects

By: Mary Coyle

What is it about being near a cascading or roaring waterfall that makes a person feel so relaxed and invigorated at the same time? The answer is found in a small but significant electrically charged particle called a negative ion. In fact, these invisible, intangible atoms or molecules exist in billions around such natural settings as waterfalls and beaches, environments that leave visitors feeling somehow relieved of tension and full of energy.

Negative ions, which are scientifically proven to promote happiness as well as improve physical health, form in nature as a result of moving water and ultraviolet light. For instance, as water molecules make impact with the rocks or river after spilling from a waterfall, electrons from these neutral particles are easily disturbed. When an electron escapes, it then attaches itself to another nearby particle. If the resulting atom or molecule contains more electrons than protons, a negative charge is created and, thus, a negative ion is created.

In today's modern environments, these healthful negative ions are greatly lacking while positive ions abound. This imbalance can be attributed to a variety of factors including exhaust fumes, water pollution, pesticides, factory smoke, and electromagnetic fields as produced by power lines, x-rays, and computers as well as other electronic devices. While negative ions are beneficial to the body and mind, positive ions have just the reverse effect.

Because the majority of people are not able to escape these environments of abundant positively charged ions and make their homes in the tranquil regions surrounding a waterfall, many are turning to negative ion generators. These air ionizers, which are proven to improve health and lift moods, are being used in a variety of buildings such as homes, offices, and hospitals. With the help of negative ion generators, those residing and/or working in areas where positive ions abound can also reap the benefits of negative ions.

One of the amazing benefits of negative ions is their ability to improve physical health, allowing those living in environments rich in these ions to live longer, healthier lives. Negative ions released from an air ionizer work in the same way. As the ions are inhaled, they are taken into the blood stream, allowing them to circulate through the body and produce many positive effects along the way, including strengthening of the immune system, reduced blood pressure, better digestion, improved skin, strengthened bones, and stabilized breathing.

In addition to the physical benefits of negative ions, these charged particles also have a calming effect on the mind, so much so that negative ion generators are often used to combat anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. Negative ions also increase oxygen flow to the brain and raise levels of serotonin causing people to feel instantly refreshed, more alert, relieved of tension, and relaxed in settings where these ions flourish. One third of people, in fact, report a marked sense of relaxation and energy immediately upon being exposed to an air ionizer.

While those living around such tranquil settings as waterfalls have the advantage of reaping the benefits of negative ions, negative ion generators allow others to experience the same effects. Even those surrounded by modern technology and working in airtight facilities where positive ions abound can live healthier, longer lives with the help of an air ionizer. With a renewed sense of well-being and improved physical health, everyone can appreciate the positive effects of negative ions.

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