Need and advantage of Communication Analysis before Opting For VoIP

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Many entrepreneurs think that making a switch to VoIP business communication phone systems is a decision that concerns the economics of the company but in fact, it is a strategic decision. This is because your company's fortunes may change dramatically if you make an appropriate decision. It is true that you can save costs and it may prove to be beneficial for your company. Especially, in these tough times, such options may benefit the company to a great extent. But, you need to do a comprehensive communication analysis before choosing VoIP business communication phone systems.

If you switch to VoIP, you need not pay subscriptions to your PSTN system any more because with the help of the Internet, you are integrating voice as well as data communications. But, the main points you should consider are the frequency of your local calls, how often you make long-distance calls, the number of times you send documents using your fax or email and of course, how call routing takes place at your place, etc. There are many other aspects also to be considered but, these are the major points. Only if you are satisfied that VoIP business communication phone systems like Toshiba IPedge will provide the right solutions and fulfill your requirements, you should decide in favor of the switch.

You should also take into account the existing capacity of your broadband connection because when you add voice communications also to it, the network connection may have to bear the extra burden also. You should inquire with your provider whether he will be able to make available additional bandwidth or the speed you may need. The provider may ask you to pay extra subscription for this. If you are not able to have the required bandwidth or speed, you can always look for another provider.

There are two types of VoIP business communication phone systems. One is the Hosted VoIP and the other is the Onsite VoIP. You have advantages and disadvantages in both the options. It is for you to weigh all the aspects and make the right choice.

Details of Onsite Service

For the Onsite Service, you should get a dedicated IP-PBX system installed in your premises. You should also have the VoIP software and other required peripherals. The advantages in this option are that you will have complete control on the management and use of the system. You can adjust, move or configure the system as per your requirements. If yours is a large business expanding continuously, you can find this option beneficial. The main disadvantage is that you have to spend heavily in the initial stages for getting the hardware installed and having the required software. You should have skilled and well-trained IT personnel for maintaining the system. Since a lot of innovations keep taking place in the field, the equipment you procure may become obsolete and you need to go for the latest version within a few years.

Details, advantages and disadvantages of Hosted Service

In the Hosted VoIP business communication phone systemss, it is the provider who will be owning and managing the VoIP PBX, switchboards, etc. This means that the equipment will be located offsite. You will be entering into an agreement with the provider for leasing whatever equipment is needed. When you pay the monthly fee, you will be paying the lease amount also. The main advantage is its low cost at the time of installation. There is no need for employing a skilled IT professional for managing or maintaining the system. Even when you need to upgrade the system, it will be taken up by the providers. The disadvantage is that whenever there are technical glitches at the provider's end, you may also be affected.

From all these discussions, it is quite evident that you need to do a comprehensive communication analysis before opting for VoIP business communication phone systems like Toshiba IPedge.

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