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By: Stewart Melvin & Frost, LLP

One of the worst things in life that can happen is a sudden crisis that strikes out of nowhere. Ideally, you and your family will be able to go through your lives without ever experiencing a major upset. However, that can't be guaranteed no matter what kind of precautions you actually take. A crisis isn't always violent, but it's almost always sudden and unexpected.

However, it is possible to navigate a crisis in your life if you understand what to do and when to do it. This isn't always easy; in fact, if your crisis included one or more deaths, it might be extremely difficult to keep everything straight. That's why it's usually important to put yourself and your health first, where you can focus on following the advice of your doctor (if necessary) and not worry too much about the legal matters.

One of the best ways to avoid placing too much of your own focus on those legal matters is to hire a legal representative. This person can take your phone calls, deal with paperwork, talk to insurance companies, and gather the important, sensitive information that may be needed to help you and your family make a recovery from the crisis.

You may be asked to help during this process by providing records of important documents, such as insurance plans, auto policies, and so on. You can't stop a crisis from coming, but you can plan for what to do if one does happen, and many people choose to gather their documents and put them in one place for easy access in the event of a major crisis in their lives. Other people, who want to be absolutely sure, will even file copies of all of these records in a secure, remote location. More immediately, however, taking notes on a situation can help to keep your thoughts in order and provide your attorney with important insights that they can use to help you focus on the most important matters.

Finally, it's very important to be careful what you say or do when a crisis occurs. Like the aftermath of a vehicle collision, accidentally saying the wrong thing or posting the wrong information can have a major impact on the resolution of the issue. Mark Alexander is an experienced crisis navigator and a part of the legal team at Stewart Melvin & Frost. With the right legal guidance, you can know what to tell to particular people, what not to tell them, and what you should never say to anyone.

A crisis is a huge problem, but it isn't one you have to navigate alone.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is only intended for use in informational purposes, and an attorney cannot give you any sort of expert advice until they actually review your case. Depending on your specific circumstances, the information in this article may be inaccurate. If you have just suffered a crisis in your life or otherwise found yourself in need of professional legal advice, you should consult a qualified attorney that practices in your area.

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Mark Alexander, an experienced legal professional, offers help as a crisis navigator when you need it most.

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