Natural body care: Find a chemical free recipe

By: Robert Abdy

Do you think that cracked leather, tweed and snake skin are possibly the terms, which fits well to describe the parched skin of your body? If your answer is yes, waste no more time and hydrate your skin with the raw essential nutrients. The skin care industry is a billion dollar industry, involving many names and thousands of brands; hence, it is pretty much obvious to get overwhelmed, when it comes to the point of selecting the professional skin care products. And, this is when you start shelling off your hard earned dollars on those so called anti-aging creams and lotions, which do more harm than any good.

Nothing seems to work –that’s possibly the most frequently heard statement from women of all ages, who are desperately trying to figure out that secret recipe of anti-aging. Look beyond the basics and take a break from all those harsh chemicals. Rely on the all-natural body care recipe to moisturize, cleanse and tone your skin from within, without ripping off your skin’s natural moisture.

Regardless of your skin type and age, using all natural skin care products on a daily basis can help in augmenting the way your skin actually looks and feels. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if your skin type is dry, sensitive or oily, you should not skip the most important part of skin care steps, such as cleaning and moisturizing your body with professional skin care products, which are formulated while keeping the need of your skin in mind. Yes, your skin demands a natural product, something purely organic and something in its raw form in order to yield the maximum benefit of the goodness of nature.

Needless to say that the all-natural skin care products help in

•Augmenting the overall production of collagen in your skin

•Boosting the production of elastin in your skin

•Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals

•Providing natural oil to your patched skin

•Keeping your skin hydrated and moist

Let’s delve deeper and understand the very basics of natural body care. As a matter of fact, to get the most out of your professional skin care products, it is of significant importance, to prime your skin well hence your effective skin care regime need to include two steps - cleansing and moisturizing. In the shower, use all natural skin care products for exfoliating the dead skin cells prior applying any moisturizing lotion. That’s right, it will help your skin to absorb the maximum amount of nutrient.

Pat your skin dry and then, apply a rich and creamy natural moisturizer adequately all over your body to trap moisture on your skin. Yes, by regular moisturizing and cleansing your skin, you can now bid bye to dry, parched and itchy skin for good.

Dig out the perfect recipe for natural body care

Pamper your skin and indulge your senses with chemical free and 100% natural professional skin care products, which has been formulated to heal and hydrate your skin better.

Key active ingredients to look for in your all natural body cleanser

Pure Aloe: This helps in hydrating, moisturizing and soothing your skin while maintaining its youthful luster and elasticity.

Sucrose Cocoate: Look for this nonionic cleanser, which is made wholly from sugar, to cleanse your face and body from within, without leaving it dry, or without ripping off its natural moisture ad oil.

Oat Extract: This has been famed as a natural emulsifier with strong moisturizing and anti-oxidant benefits.

Render your skin the ultimate moisturizing experience right after thorough cleansing. Purchase something 100 % natural that comes with the goodness of the natural oils like the avocado and olive oil to feed your skin with the essential natural nutrient to quench its thirst.

Key active ingredients to look for in your all natural body moisturizer

Avocado Oil: This vitamin enriched oil helps in hydrating your skin while healing and regenerating your aging skin from within.

Primrose: Loaded with Vitamin E and essential oil nutrients, this is an active ingredient in augmenting the elasticity of your skin.

Olive Oil: Rich in vitamin E, K, and A, olive oil penetrates deep into the skin for providing a rather long-lasting shield of moisture.

Rely on the chemical-free way to healthy and beautiful skin!

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Robert Abdy has some friends who are skin care experts and through them he learned about the advantages and disadvantages of various skin care products. Here he is sharing his knowledge about natural body care and all natural skin care products. He will keep on sharing more on skin care products in his future articles.

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