Natural Wonders Of Cork Floor

By: Vikram Kuamr

The cellular structure of cork creates a natural sort of cushion. The air contained in cork allows shocks to be naturally absorbed. Comfort can be provided through this natural structure if periods of long standing or working take place where Cork floor is installed. This makes it great for the kitchen. The natural beauty of cork is rivaled by few other natural materials. Cork comes in a wide array of colors and are available from various manufacturers. Many produce different shapes and patterns of wall tile.

With the ability to absorb shock comes the ability to absorb vibrations as well. Cork floor reduces noise and vibration. Hard materials such as tile, wood or vinyl allow sound waves to easily bounce and allow the noise to carry on. Cork absorbs more of the vibrations and decreases sound level making it ideal for office buildings where loud conversations or things dropping could be distracting.

Natural properties of cork make it very healthy and safe. It is naturally resistant to insects and it is considered a hypo-allergenic surface. Suberin which is a naturally occurring substance repels insects, mold and mites. Suberin also prevents cork from molding when left wet over elongated periods of time. This same waxy chemical also makes cork fire resistant. With all these attributes there is no doubt that cork is safe for anyone including, pets, babies and the elderly.

Cork has been used in public buildings since the middle of the 19th century, and is still going strong as a durable and reliable material. Quality of cork wall tile has been certified by numerous North American and European quality control companies. All Forna cork products are formaldehyde free as well. In order to maintain cork flooring you only need to sweep and vacuum. Natural cleaners are highly effective on a polyurethane sealed floor and sometimes only needs to be wiped with a damp mop or cloth. It is important not to use abrasive cleaners. New floor finishes, like those found on cork, should never be waxed.

Some footwear can cause indentations. Typically they are not permanent and steps may be taken to remove the imprints. Application of a hot, wet cloth to the mark will aid the cork in recovering to its original form. Every three to seven years a cork floor will require its polyurethane finish to be reapplied. The time between applications will differ depending on traffic levels on the floor and personal preference. A light buff can suffice to remove leftover residue from any cleaning products to provide a new surface to apply the new polyurethane coating.

It is important to properly seal your cork flooring. Using a finely napped microfiber roller roll the water based polyurethane directly onto the tiles. Remember to roll in one direction and the polyurethane is only workable for around 10 20 minutes. Wait four to six hours between each coat application and apply two to three coats. After coating your cork floor limit use to very light traffic only and do not place any objects on the flooring for five days.

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