Natural Weight Loss Supplements - How To Choose Best From The Rest

By: Abram Wilson

So, you are trying to lose extra pounds. How much did you accomplish your goal yet? By joining some commercial gym and eating salads for long period of time might sound boring to you and your desire to eat sweet desserts might be uncontrollable. You feel jealous if your friends eat such kind of stuffs without gaining a single pound. How come is that possible? You are willing to spend any amount of penny to get the best results. But how to choose the best weight loss supplements, so as to get perfect body shape without compromising your fitness? These never-ending queries are solved now.

Endorphins: Whatever we see, feel, touch is filtered by our brain. That means those foods that you actually like or feel tempted are the ones your brain scans the most. It will ignore all the other stuff you saw and just focus on your that part in which you are most interested.

Endorphins are the neurotransmitters released by the central nervous system and pituitary gland that are released after every single emotion we experience. When we get upset, or eat delicious food, or laugh, or get angry are all managed by this hormone. In other words, if we eat desserts, pastries, chocolates or cakes, this is the endorphin that makes us feel good about.

So, when you eat your favorite banana split, this is the endorphin that is responsible to say to you 'wow, this feels so good. I want it more!'

Alterations in the endorphins lead to crave for food more even if our body has done its fulfillment but feels that it still needs. Our sleeping patterns also do a major role. Less sleep increases our beta endorphins. These are those chemicals that rise while we sleep. If released in fewer amounts leads to crave for food.

Our endorphins not only help in physical and emotional pain while in stress, but also they release the stored fats into blood for usable energy. Increase in the endorphins makes us feel that our body needs more fat and it is still not ready to release it for energy purposes. Also, during the times of stress, another chemical leptin, gets low in level. It is the chemical that helps in storing fats. In its low levels, our body gets the signal that it still needs fats for the storage. Our body keeps on storing fats and craves for food all the time. Thus, sleeping for about 7 to 9 hours is equally important as exercising and eating nutritious foods.

People who do not add up extra kilograms to their belly usually don't scan these foods so deeply. They just eat those foods because it is their daily requirement. In other words, they feel hungry and they eat and don't think much about its temptations. That does not mean they don't like such foods. It just means they are not over indulged like you.

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