Natural Ways To Reduce Adult Acne Breakouts

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You do all the right things when it comes to proper acne skin care — washing with the right cleansers, using a light gel moisturizer for some hydration, applying medicated ointments to your blemishes — and yet those pesky pimples continue to pop up week after week. Before you blame your skincare routine and start searching for products from square one, you may just need to tweak your lifestyle a little to help with getting rid of acne fast. Just a few of these minor adjustments and you will see a decrease in the amount of adult acne breakouts you experience.

Check your diet.
If you often consume foods that are high in fat or oil, are fried or smothered in grease, you may see an increase in adult acne. While scientists disagree whether or not the foods you consume actually affect your skin from the inside, it’s safe to say that if you touch oily foods and then touch your complexion (say, using the same napkin to wipe your fingers and then around your mouth), those oils will transfer to your skin and can cause blemishes. Eating fresh, unprocessed foods reduces the risk of transferring oils to your complexion.

Check your cleansing habits.
How often do you wash your face? Both over- and under-cleansing can cause acne.
If you wash too often, you may notice that your face feels tight or flaky, which can cause oil production to go into overdrive. At that point, you need to cut back on how often you cleanse your skin, and utilize some dry skin remedies such as a gel moisturizer or facial cream, to help regulate oil so skin stays hydrated. If you don’t wash often enough, excess oil on your skin will clog your pores.

Keep your hands away from your face.
Your hands transfer dirt, oil and bacteria onto your skin, so the best policy is to keep your hands away from your face at all costs. If you must touch your face — such as when applying makeup or acne skin care products — wash your hands first.

Clean your phone.
You may have noticed that adult acne blemishes often pop up on the side of your face, along your jaw and by your ears. Getting rid of acne fast in these places is as simple as cleaning your cell phone. Because of course, putting your phone up to your face day after day allows oil to get on the screen and in its crevices, and every time you make a call, the oil transfers back and forth from phone to face! Swipe your screen and case with a tiny amount of anti-bacterial sanitizer to clean.

If you make these changes and still continue to break out on the regular, then it might be time to re-evaluate your acne skin care products. Ensure you’re using products that are right for your skin type, and be sure to give new products about a month to see a reduction in your adult acne.

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