Natural Ways To Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

By: jhon peter

The sugar or glucose taken by a person is converted into energy by the action of insulin. It is important that pancreas produce sufficient amount of insulin to take care of the glucose level in the blood. The healthy blood glucose level refers to the presence of glucose in the blood in the range of 65 to 126 mg/dl in the blood sample taken under empty stomach condition. The blood sample taken two hours after intake of 75 grams of glucose should contain sugar content not more than 150 mg/dl. The glucose level in the blood in excess of these figures signifies a body condition which is referred as diabetic. This body condition leads to serious complications related to kidneys, heart, and retina while initial symptoms are frequent passing of urine, excessive hunger, and thirst. That is why; efforts should be made to keep the blood sugar level under control and within the prescribed range.

The glucose level in blood increases due to insufficient amount of insulin secretion by pancreas. Insulin is the hormone essential for conversion of glucose into energy, and its insufficiency increases sugar level in the blood. Pancreas contains Beta cells, and only sufficient number of these cells can produce adequate insulin. Many times, cells become incapable of utilizing the insulin produced for conversion of starch into energy. However, maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels is imperative to prevent serious complications related to heart, kidneys, and eyes from developing. A healthy lifestyle inclusive of regular exercises, balanced diet, and mental peace can maintain healthy blood sugar level naturally. A balanced diet refers to optimum level of salt and sugar, minerals and vitamins, and proteins and other nutrients. Less intake of sugar and starch helps maintain healthy blood sugar level.

However, if one develops a body condition under which blood sugar level rises above the permissible range, one can resort to herbal medication. Diabkil capsule is an herbal preparation which effectively controls blood glucose level, and maintains it within the prescribed range. The capsule helps increase Beta cells leading to increased production of insulin which in turn helps conversion of glucose into energy. It also helps maintain blood pressure level, and cures the causes of increased blood sugar level. Thus, Diabkil capsule is a complete treatment for maintenance of healthy blood glucose level. The capsule contains natural herbs with medicinal properties that effectively help maintain blood glucose level naturally.

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