Natural Ways To Increase Hemoglobin Count And Prevent Anemia

By: Norwyn Frank

Low hemoglobin for longer durations compromises tissue oxygen delivery leading to damage to tissues, pain and loss of cognitive functions. Fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, light-headedness and low exercise tolerance are common in people suffering from such conditions. And it can happen due to blood loss, marrow failure or red blood cell destruction. Some of these conditions are acute and tempo. Immune disorders and toxic chemical accumulation in the body tissues can cause red blood cell destruction, especially, due to the formation of antibodies which acts to destroy red blood cell membranes. Such toxic and malignant condition can cause hypo proliferative anemia that prevents absorption of iron from various food supplements due to the defects in iron movement across the body tissues. Shilajit one of the herbal supplements can increase hemoglobin count as it improves iron absorption into the bloodstream.

Some suffer from gastrointestinal issues or metabolic disorders which causes poor absorption of minerals into the blood leading to low hemoglobin production in body. Similarly, defects in metabolic enzymes and red blood cell membranes can lead to destruction of red blood cells producers in the bone marrow.

Certain conditions can cause immature death of erythrocytes in the peripheral circulation. Shilajit contains oxygenated dibenzo-alpha-pyrones and fulvic acids which can provides personal care, nutritional value and has pharmaceutical effects to prevent anemia. This can be found in many herbal multivitamin pills, anti-diabetic cures, weight loss pills, beverages, snack bars and blood building powders as it can effectively treat iron deficiency anemia. It can expedite the process of iron absorption through the pills without any side effects. In ayurveda, it is considered to be effective in case of ama (poor digestive activities due to toxic accumulation or aging). It is useful in case of hemorrhoids and rectal conditions.

Traditional studies states shilajit can enhance the properties of herbs as it works as catalyst which can promote the actions of tonics and supplements to increase hemoglobin count. It has capability to cure ulcers and is a good resource of bioactive minerals and is one of the key constituent of Herboglobin capsules. The capsules help in improving cognitive functions and can provide a therapeutic combination of minerals and bio extracts to restore normal health even in aging people suffering from metabolic disorders and gastrointestinal conditions. Its regular intake prevents immune conditions and neurological conditions.

The various studies on anti aging have found the organisms and animals that live longer have increased activities of antioxidant enzymes in their body and the combination of herbs and bio extracts helps in the production of such lifespan increasing enzymes to prevent anemia. Further, for anti aging the body requires enzymes to repair the damaged systems and herbal extracts can delay aging and increase hemoglobin count by supporting the process of repair of body cells.

The herbal pill to increase hemoglobin count - Herboglobin capsules is rich in many ingredients as it contains other medicinal - energy giving herbs such as safed musli, ashwagandha, kesar, aloe vera and others to enhance absorption of the mineral into the bloodstream to prevent anemia.

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