Natural Ways To Improve Iron Level And Prevent Blood Loss

By: Norwyn Frank

Most healthy people have 4 to 5 grams of iron in their body (i.e. 38 mg per kg of body weight in women and 50 mg per kg of body weight in men). About 2.5 grams is required for hemoglobin production which helps to transfer oxygen across the body through blood and rest is found as ferritin complex in cells mostly in the liver, bone marrow and spleen. The store of ferritin in body serves as iron reserves which compensates for the loss of iron through blood loss. About 400 mg of the iron is stored in cellular proteins, needed for storing oxygen and energy production.

A small amount of iron goes across the plasma. The presence of toxin in body can reduce iron stores. Likewise, metabolic disorders can cause deficiency where the stores deplete and body fails to utilize the iron taken through foods. Taking iron supplements to improve iron level raise risk of iron overload which can cause toxicity, and this can reduces the ability of the body to bind and store iron.

Most people suffering from iron deficiency suffer from permanent organ damage. They can die from organ damage even if the body cells have adequate iron for carrying out the intracellular processes and electron transportation. The intestinal lining cells contain iron in the form of ferritin and a few other complexes of iron are found in the body. The rate of iron absorption varies in humans from one person to other and it depends on many factors such as the bone marrow, hemoglobin and oxygen content in the body. Inflammation, ulcers in the digestive path, bacteria infections and poor diet can cause anemia.

Gastrointestinal blood loss happens in small quantity and there are other ways the body loses iron - sweating and shedding of cells. The damage to mucosal lining in the gastrointestinal lining can cause anemia. To prevent iron overload and to prevent blood loss, ayurveda offers supplements made up of bhasma of iron. Feroplex capsule, one of the ayurvedic iron supplement contains bhasma made from iron which can be easily absorbed into the gastrointestinal lining without any side effects to improve iron level.

Iron bhasma, as in Feroplex capsules, are made according to the Puta system of ayurveda which explains about the preparation of minerals and metal bhasma containing particles in the range of 1 to 100 nanometers. These metals and minerals in such forms have no side effects and the mechanism of preparation with herbs offers pharmacological and nutritional effects.

Further, it makes it biologically active nano particles which can empower body tissues to prevent blood loss and can eliminate toxic chemicals from the tissues. Recent studies approves of the theories of ayurveda where it has been found that continuous burning and cooling of metals completely changed the chemical and physical properties of the metals and it increased surface area of the particles and had quick action to attack ailments to improve iron level. This offers flexible mechanism to get particles in dendrimers, liposomes, nanoparticles and nanocrystals etc. These capsules of iron bhasmas can be taken to prevent blood loss and mineral deficiency to cure anemia.

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