Natural Ways To Gain Weight In A Healthy And Safe Way

By: Jeramey Smith

There are people who are overweight and would love to lose weight and on other hand there are some skinny ones who wish if they could get some weight gain. Is there any way to gain body weight in a healthy and safe way?

We must understand that our body is a complex system and the building blocks used are protein, carbohydrates and fats. When we eat a balanced diet and blessed with a healthy constitution from birth we can have healthy weight gain. Otherwise we need to take care of our diet and exercise in order to gain weight in a healthy and safe way.

Letís first understand how the love pads are deposited below our skin. To have a healthy level of fat is essential for our body to gain weight in a healthy and safe way. So donít avoid them in your food, but indulge in a judicious manner. One must eat a good amount of carbohydrate that will go into storage below your skin. Having lot of sugar in its healthy form is essential to gain this extra pound in a healthy and safe way. One should eat a good amount dessert after a full lunch and dinner. Keep a small gap of 20-30 mins and donít have it too cold immediately after your meal. This dessert can contain sugars in the form fruits, jaggery with cheese or butter. If you want to build your body then add protein supplements to your milk in the morning and before you go to bed and follow a regime of exercise under a qualified trainer.

To start with a good breakfast is a key. One can have a good combination of protein reach breakfast enriched with lot of sweet, carbohydrates. One can start the day with two to four bananas and a glass of milk. This should be done for at least three months continuously to see a good result. Within two hours after this a couple of parathas stuffed with potatoes with lot of butter on it along with boiled eggs. You should munch 5 times in a day with a gap of 3-4 hours. A good amount of rice with some leafy vegetables and curds along with dairy products with high calories will help you in your healthy weight gain. Green leafy vegetables will help you to get your motions smooth. It will also help in getting other micronutrient absorption. While you are gaining weight you should not suffer with constipation. To avoid this have some fibre in the form leafy vegetables. It has other advantage as mentioned above.

If you enjoy alcohol, you should have it after your cherished meal. So that these extra calories from alcohol will be diverted to storage as happens with dessert. Relax after a good meal. Take a power nap in the afternoon. Have a rich dinner. But keep a gap of two hours between dinner and going to bed. Let it happen gradually so that it can be a sustained and healthy system. There should not be any shock treatment to your body but slow and steady. You will see result in 2 to 3 months and that is what shall be a healthy and safe way. A good and healthy sex on daily basis can be magical after a lot of ingredient already in place. Thatís why the beautiful weight gain is called ďlove padsĒ.

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