Natural Vision Improvement - Reach Your Best Vision

By: Ruth Bird

If you have vision problems and concerns then take the time to thoroughly investigate natural vision improvement. A well informed mind can make the right choices.


Natural Vision Improvement is a lifestyle method of improving eyesight by wholistic means without the use of optical devices. Sorensen, a commercial airline pilot, had a great experience with natural vision improvement. He made it his duty to help people who suffer from poor and deteriorating eyesight to improve and maintain their vision.... Through natural vision improvement, one can eventually have perfect eyesight. Discover an amazingly simple natural vision improvement method that touts an unmatched 94.3% success rate in reversing and improving bad vision. Thousands have better vision without the risks and expense of laser surgery.


Finally, vision therapy is used to enhance or improve vision in athletes seeking the extra edge in sports. Their results indicate that this near-far response ability is trainable and can be improved with vision therapy. The results of daily vision therapy showed statistically significant improvement in convergence ranges. They objectively identified the dynamic aspects of the accommodative response that were improved by vision therapy. Natural vision improvement is the enhancing of one visual system, without the use of surgery nor vision aids like spectacles and contact lenses. Many who have had tremendous success recommend similar therapy to their friends and they gained similar improvement in their vision. When checking out Vision Improvement Therapies, be sure to get these kinds of testimonies. Make sure these testimonies actually are written by real people who have signed their name to it..


Exercising your eyes keeps them healthy, takes away eyestrain, helps you to focus and even improves your vision without surgery. If necessary however, surgery to remove cataracts can improve vision dramatically. For example, surgery improves the vision of more than 90% of patients with cataracts.


"I started on a program and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my vision." These testimonies are not uncommon. Vision exercise is part of a program designed to give the eyes a workout to improve vision and to promote healthy eyes. Programs should outline steps for a self-help program to help you improve your vision - you will learn how to help your eyes naturally! Spend just minutes a day with the natural vision improvement program, and before you know it you be seeing more clearly with much less effort. To some it may seem like madness, yet there is a method to this home-based program of eye exercises to improve your vision.

Some highly respected doctors have stated the following about the continued use of glasses and contacts:

"Minus lenses are the most common approach, yet the least likely to prevent further myopic (nearsighted) progression. Unfortunately, they increase the near-point stress that is associated with progression."
B. May, OEP Publications


Promises of dramatically improved reading speed are often made by vision therapists and speed- reading courses. Applying good vision habits whilst reading and doing close work will enable you to maintain or improve your close-up vision.


Bilberry - The herb referred to as bilberry can also help to improve night vision. The modern market for bilberry extract to correct near-sightedness & improve night-vision is not a harmless fraud. Contrast sensitivity was also significantly improved in the bilberry group, suggesting an improvement in night vision. The first anecdotal reports about the effectiveness of bilberries came from British pilots who consumed bilberry jam in order to improve their night vision. We know that bilberry, in high enough quantities, can actually improve your night vision. The people on lutein supplements had experienced a statistically significant improvement in vision, in terms of visual acuity and glare sensitivity. To many Europeans like myself this is no strange theory.


Natural Vision Improvement is an educational process and does not take the place of proper optometric or medical care.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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Ruth Bird has been married for 27 years to her husband, Chris.  Chris is battling the monster, MS.  People and Pet Health Care have been Ruth's passions for years. Her Natural Vision:

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