Natural Treatments to Stop Sperm Comes Out during Sleep

By: Aniruddh Taneja

Response to stimulation and process of ejaculation is controlled by the coordination of somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. It involves body chemicals dopamine, which is a catecholamine and helps in ensuring proper ejaculation, while, serotonin restricts ejaculation process. The increase in androgenic activities in the brain part - anterior hypothalamus cause release of sperms, and serotonin initiates the refractory phase to restrict ejaculation.

To treat involuntary emissions in sleep- the severity of hypersensitivity and hyper arousal should be reduced, where certain changes in the flow of chemicals -dopamine and serotonin can promote controlled ejaculation and ejaculation delay. Men suffering from such disorder suffer from hypersensitivity of 5- HT1A receptor and 5-HT2C receptor hyposensitivity, alternatively, natural treatments to stop sperm comes out during sleep contains herbs which can regulate dopamine and serotonin flow in body.

Most ayurvedic pills are prescribed for certain ‘body type’. E.g. people with vata type body are most susceptible to neuro muscular conditions such as tremors, numbness, tingling and intense physical pain. Such people suffer from restlessness, insomnia and gastrointestinal disorders e.g. gas, bloating etc. People with high pitta have strong digestive functions but suffer from diarrhea and inflammation, whereas, those with high Kapha (the ones who sleep past 6 a.m.) are overindulging in nature, and suffer from lethargy, depression and obesity. Natural treatments to stop sperm comes out during sleep - No Fall capsules and Maha Rasayan capsules includes proper set of plant and bio extracts in low-risk doses to target weaknesses of all the three body types.

The spinal-ejaculation control which combines with the sensory triggers for ejaculation regulates emissions and expulsion phases, and is expected to be under the control of peripheral afferents from the genitals and the supra spinal information from certain brain areas. Injuries to lower spinal cord and weakness of brain to spine signaling can cause spontaneous emissions where the triggers interception is delayed and emissions happens anytime without stimulation, or in sleep when the body is relaxing. Ashwagandha as in the natural treatments to stop sperm comes out during sleep - No Fall capsules and Maha Rasayan capsules reduces mineral bio accumulation in brain where it can protect against cadmium accumulation and reduce hematological toxicity (e.g. induced by lead nitrate) to enhance brain strength.

Herb Mucuna pruriens in the natural treatments to stop sperm comes out during sleep is one of the naturally occurring sources of dopamine, tryptamine and serotonin - the mood influencing herbs which have various other benefits such as it can raise testosterone levels and lower prolactin- that enhances fertility and sperm motility in men.

Natural ways to stop sperm leakage restores brain function, nerves and endocrine flow which are depleted in some people. Natural treatments to stop sperm comes out during sleep has herbs having anti-inflammatory effects which can eliminate toxins from tissues. People who have been using opiates can take such supplements to restore the level of neurotransmitters in brain and this also helps in opiate withdrawal. Levadopa in the seed extract of Mucuna can pass the blood brain barrier to enhance the level of dopamine and it can restore mood to control sperm release during sleep.

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