Natural Supplements For Bleeding During Intercourse

By: Gordon R Santo

Women do bleed when they lose their virginity, this may occur but there are many women who at later age come with complaints of bleeding during or after intercourse. Bleeding during or after intercourse is certainly not normal and medical attention is required. It is a symptom of various serious medical conditions. Women mating after a long abstinence like after delivery may bleed a bit for the first time but this is very mild in the form of one or two drops, profuse bleeding is a symptom of a problem and shall be taken seriously.

There are varieties of causes which can initiate bleeding during or after intercourse, these can be related to vagina, cervix and uterus, or due to various abnormal growths which can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Cervical erosion is one of the most common causes of the problem. Women during and after pregnancy, taking oral contraceptives or young girls have inflamed area on the neck of the Uterus, this gets roughed up during intercourse and cause bleeding. Atrophic vaginitis which leads to thinner and weaker walls of female genital passage and infection like Trichomoniasis are other common causes of bleeding during intercourse. Endometriosis is a condition where women have growth of endometrial lining outside Uterus which normally lines inner walls of Uterus, women having this condition bleed during intercourse.

Uterine Polyps are soft lumps protruding inside the Uterus; these can also appear on the surface of the cervix and lead to bleeding during intercourse. Uterine Fibroid tumors are benign tumors; many women do not experience any symptoms due to these tumors while some may. These tumors are solid masses of soft tissue and rarely malignant, but these tumors can cause bleeding during intercourse in most of the women. Some infections proliferated by Bacteria like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are also responsible for causing bleeding during or after intercourse. Cervical polyps and vaginal yeast infection can also raise this problem in many women. Gynecologists help the patient to get a proper diagnosis of the problem and specific and precise treatment for quick alleviation.

Women should rule out the possibility of problems like lack of arousal or improper lubrication during lovemaking before taking bleeding as a problem. If bleeding has occurred after making love in a hurry or without proper foreplay and it has not happened again under normal circumstances then it is not a problem to worry about. If one has gone through Pap smear test then also bleeding does not signify any problem. But, if it occurs regularly with or without pain, or women experience itching after lovemaking along with bleeding, medical attention as early as possible is a must. Postmenopausal women shall always take medical advice in any case of vaginal bleeding. If one is already undergoing treatment for infections in genital passage or reproductive organs then wait till treatment is over, in most of the cases bleeding also subsides once infection has been removed.

Gynecure capsule is the effective herbal remedy for irregular bleeding. It also has regenerative, detoxifying and anti-oxidative effects. It has proved to very effective in balancing the psychological and hormonal body fluctuations in both men and women.

The other significant use of Gynecure capsule with a high-level of plant hormones is that it helps to get rid of toxic chemicals that are stored in fat tissues in body. It is made up of pure natural and herbal ingredients that are very helpful to treat painful and irregular bleeding.

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