Natural Solutions to PMS

By: James Pendergraft

Understanding PMS

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a term that is used to refer to the collective disorder that a woman feels in relation to her menstrual cycle. These disorders may be physical, psychological, and emotional or a combination of them. Although women in general suffer from one or more disorder in relation to menstruation, the term qualifies that the disorder must be so severe so as to disrupt the regular patterns of life. As such, some disorders experienced by women, despite being associated with menstruation, cannot be strictly defined as PMS. Presently, experts contend that only a very small fraction of the female population suffers from PMS. However, regardless of how small the number of women affected may be, a solution should be offered to help women cope better with the situation.

Natural Approaches in Treating PMS

Despite the prevalence of medication and other forms of treatment for treating PMS, most women prefer a natural solution because it has no known side effects to the body. When it comes to natural solutions to PMS, the following approaches should be tried:

*Dietary method. Here, it means that the woman needs to take certain nutrients to help counter PMS. The most common nutrient that is believed to hold benefits in treating PMS is calcium. Calcium may be obtained from fruits such as citrus and other vegetables. However, there are now available calcium supplements on the market purported to be made from fruit or vegetable extracts, emphasizing their natural source. Another vitamin that is also helpful in treating PMS is vitamin E. It is also recommended that one increase the intake of fiber. This is because fiber is known to help the body flush out harmful elements that may impede menstrual flow and cause severe pain to the woman.

*Exercise and physical activity. Because PMS is associated with menstruation and menstruation becomes painful in the absence of physical activities, regular exercise is recommended to help lighten the onset of menstruation by reducing physical pain. Exercise need not be exhaustive. All that is needed is a short walk or a light jog, as long as it is done regularly.

* Enough rest and sleep. Deprivation of rest in women is a very harmful situation. Not only does it contribute to the onset of PMS, it also paves the way for other ailments as well.

* Change in lifestyle. Some women may be into smoking and drinking as well as taking drugs. Continuation of these practices can be the culprit of PMS as these habits expose the body to severe stress and changes that do no good at all.

* Reduction of caffeine and sugar intake.

* Psychological counseling. Although this is a form of intervention, counseling helps in most women because it gives them a feeling of self-reassurance. Moreover, it helps women to counter the negative thoughts that may arise from one’s unpleasant experience with PMS. It also helps the woman develop a more positive outlook despite the condition.

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