Natural Skin Care Products for Normal Dry Skin and Very Dry Skin

By: Sara Kitch

Dry skin is one of the most difficult skin types to treat because it can lack moisture and be sensitive, which means it isn't easily treated by most traditional skin care products. This article will review different ways of treating two subtypes of dry skin: normal dry skin and very dry skin.

Having subtypes may sound a bit like an exaggeration, but I assure you, it is not. People with normal dry skin will feel tightness, itchiness and perhaps some swelling. People with very dry skin, nevertheless, may have dry skin, dry hands, and be sensitive to various kinds of fabrics.

Dry Skin Care & Normal Dryness

First of all let's start with the appropriate dry skin routine. Because soap and water are known to strip both natural oils and moisture from your skin, it isn't recommended that you use soapy cleansers.

If you have dry skin you should use a cream cleanser. Cream cleansers can help remove debris from your skin without leaving it dry. Once you've finished cleansing, use an alcohol free toner to refresh your skin and remove any debris that may have been left behind.

A good moisturizing cream is the final step in any basic cleansing routine for dry skin. If at any point during the day you feel that your skin is too tight or dry, you should reapply some moisturizing cream. If you have highly sensitive skin you can exfoliate it by using a homemade product made by mixing grapefruit juice with honey and oatmeal.

Dry Skin Care for Very Dry Skin

If you have very dry skin, you will notice that it still feels tight and itchy after you perform the previously mentioned cleansing routine. If this is your case then you should switch over to oils, not oil-based products, but actual oil. Both olive oil and rose hip oil are great choices when trying to treat very dry skin.

Trade your cream cleanser for olive oil. Spread and lather the oil on your face. Once you let the oil set for a minute or two you should take a relatively hot, moist towel and place it on your face. Let it sit a few minutes while it cools off and then, gently wipe off the oil using the moist towel.

Apply a creamy moisturizer immediately after you've wiped off the oil. This product will absorb quickly and lock in the moisture. This is all you'll need to do if you want to keep your very dry skin under control.

Exfoliation for very dry skin should be done with milk. Even though it is a natural product for dry skin, it can be shocking the first time you try is as it tends to tighten the skin. In this case, moisturize immediately after exfoliating.

There is a bit of trial an error when it comes to picking the right natural skin care products for you your skin. However, the suggestions that were listed above are a good starting point for the treatment of dry skin.

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