Natural Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

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If you have qualm that you are having vaginal infection, don,t panic. BV infection is not that much dodgy but it can be. It is often bewilder with yeast infection. Reason is that both have some of symptoms same. Therefore it is very imperative to make out which infection you are having. For this purpose always consult your practitioner before starting any treatment. There are pills and gels suggested by doctors for Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment. Mostly there are three antibiotics recommended by doctors.
These are available in form of tablets and gels both. Their generic names are Clindamycin, Tinidazole or Metronidazole. There are brands that are in oral (that can be taken by mouth, in form of pills) and ovules (creams and gels). Cleocin and Clindesse are brands of Clindamycin. They are available in both oral and ovule form. Cleocin is available in both forms while Clindesse is available only for vaginal use. Metronidazole has two brands. Flaggy are tablets and MetroGel-Vaginal is for external vaginal use. Tinidazole is available only in form of tablets. Vaginal creams and gels are provided with an applicator. These applicators are used for inserting proper amount of ointment.
But before going for these antibiotics you must have to recognize the Symptoms for Bacterial Vaginosis. Most commonly examined signs of BV infection are undue vaginal discharge with bad fishy whiff of yellowish or gray color. There are some other indicators of infection. But very often any overt sign appears. Therefore it becomes intricate to identify the infection. For this reason it is always accentuated to seek advice from some specialist. Home remedies though helpful and utilitarian but can inflict adverse consequences. If you are thinking that you can use any one of the above recommended antibiotics for BV infection than dont take risk. It is so because these drugs have some effects. For instance Tinidazole is never recommended during pregnancy though it is taken by mouth only. One of its dire consequences in pregnant women is preterm birth. If your physician has suggested you Tinidazole than you must abstain from alcohol. Use of alcohol with Tinidazole course may cause nausea, increased blood pressure etc.
Clindamycin vaginal cream is not recommended by for BV treatment in pregnant women. It has been observed with slightly increased preterm birth risks. Metronidazole is thought to be the safest antibiotic for BV infection. Though it also has some side effects but it is highly recommended by doctors for BV infection. Although natural remedies are considered the safest of Bacterial Vaginosis Cures but to get rid of BV infection you must confer with some specialist.

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