Natural Remedies For Painful Periods To Regulate Menstrual Cycle

By: Alton Patrick

A large number of women experience pain during the periods and it is quite common in younger adults and teenager. The pain is often mild, and does not require any treatment. As per studies, in some cases, about one in ten women experience pain so severe that they become unable to perform regular activities or to attend school.

According to medical term, period pain is called Dysmenorrhoea and it is considered as one kind of pelvic pain. Now there are too many options available to get relief from the painful periods, but the natural remedies for painful periods are the best ways out of it. Gynex Capsules are one of the best examples of it. These capsules are not only effective in reducing menstrual pain, but it also regulates menstrual cycle.

Home remedies for painful periods: No doubt, herbal and natural supplements are very much effective to regulate menstrual cycle or providing relief from severe painful periods, home remedies also offer enhanced result in curing those health issues. Here are lists of few effective home remedies. Have a close look at it.

1. Women suffering from painful periods can consume half cup of parsley juice, which is mixed with carrot or any other vegetable juice. It is helpful to reduce the pain and improve the blood flow to the reproductive organs. Gynex Capsules also a good option for regulating the menstrual cycle of the women.

2. Lemon grass is also beneficial during the menstrual period. Experts consider lemon grass as one of the effective natural remedies for painful periods.

3. Take a glass of boiling water and add 15 to 20 seeds in it. Now boil the water till the quantity of the water reduced to half. Now, let the mixture stand for some time and then drink it. The mixture is bitter in taste and so sugar can be added in it at the time of drinking. This home remedy is very much effective to provide relief from severe menstrual pain and also helps to reduce excess blood flow during this time.

4. Eating banana was very much effective during menstruation. Those who experience severe menstrual pain in stomach and back, may take banana leaf. Cook banana leaf in little oil and consume it mixed with curd.

5. Soak sesame seeds in water and drink it two times during menstruation. Women can consume Gynex Capsules along with this particular home remedy.

6. Add two teaspoons of sesame seeds in water and boil it well. Leave it for some time and strain it. Drink the strained water twice daily to get effective results. Women should follow this remedy to regulate the menstrual cycle.

7. Papaya is very much helpful and treats, lots of menstrual problems. Women suffering from severe menstrual pain can consume raw papaya to lessen their pain.

Overview of the product: Gynex Capsules: It nourishes the female health and supports the functions of the reproductive system. Gynex Capsules are helpful for balancing hormones, irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. Abhrak Bhasma, Kabab Chini, Ginger, Clove, Zeera, Nagkesar etc., are the important ingredients of these capsules. So this herbal supplement is free from any kind of health risks.

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