Natural Herbal Treatment For Poor Memory And Concentration

By: Gordon R Santo

Poor memory and concentration is a psychological condition that retains the basic ability of our brain. The individual who suffers from such issue affects his daily routine. There are several factors that are responsible for poor memory. Stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension and mental fatigue are the most common factors. People often suffer from stress due to a number of reasons like fights, work load, loss of loved one, divorce, serious physical injury, consciousness of self-image, competition with same age groups, not getting mental support from closed ones, financial issues, victim of some kind of physical or mental abuse or theft, etc.

Factors affecting our memory:
1. Food intake: Many unhealthy sugary and fatty foods that majorly contain polysaturated fats that our body faces troubles in breaking them down. Include those items that contain omega 3 fatty acids such as ground flax seeds, avocado etc.
2. Music: listening to loud music daily affects our ears as well as brain especially if listened with the help of headsets. Prefer soft and light music at least once in a week.
3. Not involving our brain in some puzzles: If we top doing puzzles, then our brain retains alertness and IQ. Make your brain active by solving puzzles like Sudoku, Rubik cube.
4. Overuse of alcohol and medicines: These things are temporary temptations by which we feel relaxed at some moment but later on it has drastic effect on our way of thinking patterns. People who take the over dosage have negative thinking towards life.
5. Medications: Medicines like anti-depressants have the side effect of memory loss because the patients who faces serious mental trauma are highly sensitive beings and only memory loss helps them to cope up with fast recovery, as they have tendency to take things personally even if those are the smallest matters.

We have natural herbal treatment for poor concentration that supplies iron to us which is responsible for better memory. We understand your needs better and we have the full potential and years of experience in ayurvedic field, so we have the herbal treatment for poor memory.

BrainOBrain capsule provides iron which supplies oxygen to our brain. It repairs damaged cell membranes of brain and helps in better transfer of impulse for sharper memory. Other than oxygen, human brain also needs active neurons, chemical fuel and neurotransmitters in a sufficient amount to keep our memory sharp and hence prevent forgetfulness. The key ingredients used in it are chandi, brahmi, swarna bhasma, etc. a perfect blend of renowned herbs that boosts our memory and alertness. It also improves our learning ability. It contains Vitamins like B6, B12, B9, C and E that help to strengthen the neurons and brain structure. The omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for increment in the good fats in our body to ultimately energize our brain cells. Antioxidants in BrainOBrain capsules stop the cell aging.

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