Natural Herbal Sleep Aid Pills that Are Non-Addictive and Safe

By: Dr Nisha

What is the best for you - Allopathic sleeping pills or herbal sleep aid pills?

Generally when people suffer from sleep disorders they ignore the symptoms and when they reach at the highest level of insomnia they consult to doctor and use sleeping pills for their regular sleep. But do you know these pills vary in safety and effectiveness? Generally these pills are more effective when used for short-term. If these capsules are used for a long period of time they show their negative effect on body.

Some common side effects of additive sleeping pills

1. Drug dependence - Sleep aid pills contain lot of drugs such as ambien, belsomra, lunesta, rozerem, sonata, benzodiazepines etc. and by using these drugs you can become dependent physically and psychologically on them. You believe that you cannot sleep without them and once you stop using them, at that time you may experience psychological withdrawal symptoms like excess sweating, shivering, anxiety etc.

2. Physical problem - Some drugs are fairly safe but Valerian is a drug which is not safe when you are pregnant. If you have liver disease, avoid its use.

3. Drug tolerance - You may tolerate drugs of sleeping tablets over a period of time, but when you take over dose of these drugs it can lead to more side effects.

4. Drug interactions - Drugs of sleeping capsules may interact with other drugs, and generate adverse effects especially with painkillers and other sedatives.

If you stop taking these pills, sometimes the insomnia problem becomes even worse than before. To overcome this problem use natural herbal sleep aid pills that are non-addictive and safe.

Advantages of herbal sleep aid pills over allopathic sleeping pills

Studies have found that improving your sleep habits and making other changes like relaxation, sticking to consistent bed times and wake-up times, quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol and using herbal sleep aid pills can relieve insomnia. There are several advantages of natural sleeping pills mentioned below -

1. Herbal sleep aid pills contain different herbs which are very effective for sleep disorder.

2. Natural sleeping pills are harmless, while allopathic sleeping pills may have serious side effects and may interfere with other prescribed medications, which can be dangerous.

3. Natural sleep aid pills contain melatonin which is a natural hormone that is responsible to maintain sleep-wake cycle.

4. It contains tryptophan which is a basic amino acid and works as a chemical messenger that helps the body to sleep.

Natural herbal sleep aid pills

Various herbal remedies are available in the market but out of all Aaram capsules are the most trusted and effective natural sleeping capsules that cure the problem without any side effect. Aaram capsule is the herbal remedy of insomnia which is non- addictive and safe. It improves the internal functioning of body by providing required herbs. It improves the mental health and sharpens memory system. Aaram capsules are non-additive and non-habit forming natural sleeping pills which do not contain harmful drugs. You can stop its use whenever you want to stop. It increases energy level in your body and makes you feel fresh when you get up in the morning.

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