Natural Cure for Insomnia

By: Alan Kang

Insomnia is defined as difficulty in falling and staying asleep or both. Though there may be variety of reasons to link with sleeplessness, common reasons of insomnia include continuous worries, depression, irregular hours, noise, pain, too much coffee and unfamiliar surroundings.

First, we have to understand that not everyone have the same sleep profile or patterns. Babies and teenagers may sleep for 18 hours a day, while elderly people may only need five to six hours. To begin with you need to evaluate your sleeping pattern to find out what actually is the cause of your insomnia.

I suggest natural cure for insomnia than looking for medicine. Nowadays, many patients also find out natural home remedy for insomnia may be more safety and effective. Below are some of the insomnia self help methods

1. Enjoy a glass of warm milk with honey when you feel sleepy and going to bed.
2. A warm bath before sleeping will give you a sweet sleeping night.
3. Frequent having exercise during day time will help improve sleeping at night.
4. Choose a suitable and good quality bed mattress may help a lot for insomnia cure. Of course, your bedroom must be cool enough or well ventilation.
5. While trying to fall asleep keep your clock out of sight, rather think of things you find relaxing and enjoyable
6. Having an earlier dinner and give more time for digesting the food. Never sleep within 2 hours after dinner.

There are many other effective natural cure for insomnia other than above mentioned insomnia self help methods. Some good herbs for insomnia like valeriana officnalis, passiflora incarnate (passion flower), etc will help cure for insomnia too.

Most people always think that insomnia is sleep apnea problem. This is totally wrong. Sleep apnea deals with the loss of breath while asleep with the sleeper not even aware that they have gone through an episode of apnoea. So, if suffering from this sleep apnea problem, it is advisable to seek doctor advice.

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