Natural And Herbal Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By: Gordon R Santo

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract where the person suffers from pain in the abdomen that lasts for a few months. The problem is accompanied with change in consistency and frequency of bowel movement. IBS may happen with constipation, sometimes, with diarrhea and it can also be a mixed condition. IBS with constipation happens when the bowel movement in the gastrointestinal tract is very slow. The problem of poor digestion and slow movement of bowel can cause bloating, restlessness, poor metabolism, energy lose and also affect concentration. It is very important for a person to have a healthy digestive functioning to enjoy eating, feel healthy and motivated. Alternatively, poor bowel movement, hardening of stool puts pressure on internal walls of intestine causing bleeding and pain. Arozyme Capsule is one of the widely used natural and herbal remedies for irritable bowel syndrome that reduces the symptoms of IBS and reduces inflammation and pain successfully without any side effects.

The capsule is one of the greatest natural and herbal remedies for irritable bowel syndrome that can regulate bowel functioning to prevent constipation. Mainly, the large intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the digestive tract and passing the stool to the rectum, from where it goes to the anus. People who suffer from IBS may have less frequency of bowel movement or it may happen with discomfort or cramping. The symptoms involve -
1. Constipation - The stool is hard or dry and the person has to strain for bowel movement.
2. Diarrhoea - If the bowel is loose or watery and the person feels the urgency to have bowel movement.
3. Presence of mucus - The presence of mucus in stool indicates the person is passing the coatings that are found in intestine for its protection.
4. Feeling the bowel movement is incomplete - The person may have the feeling of having incomplete bowel movement.
5. Bloating - Sometimes, the person suffers from abnormal bloating and the problem is more common in women than in men.

The problem of poor control over Bowel movement is found in people who are -
1. Hypersensitivity
2. People who have poor brain to gut signalling control.
3. People who suffer from poor motility which can lead to constipation and cause pain.
4. Bacterial gastroenteritis - Bacterial infection in stomach can cause IBS.
5. Poor mental health - People with psychological problem, depression or stress disorders suffer from IBS.
6. Food sensitivity - The problem also increases in case the person takes food rich in certain components such as starch, fat, carbohydrate or proteins. It can also be trigged by taking alcohol, caffeine or fatty food. It is not same as allergic reaction to the food but it happens due to poor absorption of sugar or bile acid.
7. The problem may run in family and it can be caused by environment.

Natural and herbal remedies for irritable bowel syndrome reduce the symptoms, pain and discomfort caused by IBS without any risk and hence, it is advised to take Arozyme Capsule to regulate bowel movement and prevent digestive disorders.

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